The Eiffel Tower has been named as the ultimate location to snap a selfie, according to new research.

The Parisian landmark beat the Statue of Liberty, Niagara Falls and the Hollywood sign in Los Angeles.

The only UK entry in the top 10 – from a poll of 2,000 adults by Ripley’s Believe It or Not! – was Stonehenge.

Sadly, nowhere in Northern Ireland made the list, but we’d love to hear your suggestions for top selfie locations in Belfast and beyond.

Drop us a line on Facebook or Twitter or better still send us a selfie to help put Northern Ireland on the world selfie map!

Here’s the list of 30 places that earned the tag ‘ultimate selfie location’…

1.      Eiffel Tower

2.      Statue of Liberty

3.      Niagra Falls

4.      The Hollywood sign

5.      Grand Canyon

6.      Great Wall of China

7.      Stonehenge

8.      The Great Pyramid of Giza

9.      Taj Mahal

10.   Machu Picchu

11.   Empire State Building

12.   The Great Sphinx

13.   Sydney Opera House

14.   Big Ben

15.   Mount Everest

16.   Tower of Pisa

17.   The Magic Kingdom in Disney World

18.   Golden Gate Bridge

19.   The Colosseum

20.   Buckingham Palace

21.   Christ the Redeemer

22.   Pompeii

23.   Hollywood Walk of fame

24.   Mount Rushmore

25.   Loch Ness

26.   Mount Fuji

27.   Outside the Bellagio in Vegas

28.   St Peter’s Cathedral (Vatican City)

29.   Sunset in Ibiza

30.   Table Mountain

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