We counted our top 13 favourite things invented recently that we feel have dramatically improved our lives…

Which ones do you agree with – and even more importantly – what else has made your life just that little bit more enjoyable? (Netflix and chill much?)

1. The Smartphone


The smartphone obviously hits number one spot – so lets just get it out of the way. Yes, whether you’re a Samsung, Apple or HTC fan, everyone is permanently glued to their gadgets these days. Why else would our Facebook news feeds be constantly inundated with this status? “Omg forgot my phone! If you need me, get me on here!”

2. Budget Shops


Ah Poundland. Where you can buy perfectly acceptable two-packs of champagne flutes for a measly quid (obviously) – plus all the household basics you could ever dream of (like sweets and crisps). That’s before we even come to the amazing Home Bargains. Asda & Tesco’s are the ultimate supermarkets for a cheeky bargain too (especially late-night Thursday when the students descend for further reductions).

3. Sex & The City


Because, priorities.

4. The Premier League


Because pint in hand + football + Saturday = heaven.

5. The Selfie


Haters guna hate – but we love a good selfie with our mates on a night out. ‘The selfie’ allows us to take a fab pic (with as many attempts as necessary to make sure we don’t look fat) with our friends at the start of the night – aka before we’re walking like Bambi and have attempted to drunkenly reapply our makeup. Yes call us crazy, but we prefer to promote this carefully crafted image rather than the latter.

6. Online Banking


Because how much easier is it to pay your rent/ get your mate to order U2 tickets and you’ll send the money over later? Bliss. (We just actually need some money in the account).

7. Harry Potter


The books formed an important part of our adolescence (and occasionally our adult life) and we are proud fans of the movies. There’s truly nothing better to get you in the mood for Christmas time than a big box of Cadbury’s Roses and a HP marathon. Be warned though, the earlier movies are better for this. (We’re using the later ones for Halloween. When Voldemart comes back…)

8. GHD’S


Because, we do not in fact, ‘wake up like this.’ Shocking, we know.

9. Power Showers


This is literally how happy we feel in the shower while the lovely hot water wakes us up. But then our day happens – and it seems everyone is tying to annoy us. A conspiracy everyone is on. Or maybe it’s just us?

10. Budget Airlines


Yes, we will take that return trip to Paris for £24.99. Thank-you budget airline. Don’t mind if we do.

11. Social Media


How else could we share our aforementioned selfies, pics of food, and basically just amuse ourselves with all the outlandish news of the day during work (I mean when we’re travelling to work. Freudian slip…)

12. Netflix


Come at us Netflix marathon of its always Sunny In Philadelphia. We’ve got our hotly anticipated Friday night cleared just for you and beer in the fridge.

13. Spotify


Whilst we’re too cheap to actually subscribe (we can live with the ads) Spotify is literally a life-saver if you’re riding the dreary bus to work, pounding on the dreaded treadmill, trying to fulfil music requests at a party or just for a quiet night in (with a bottle of wine). Where you might end up on the floor but at least you’ll be smiling.

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