My name’s Graeme and I like beer.

I also like water.

But not as much as beer.

What I like about water is that it’s cold, refreshing and free.


So you can imagine my conundrum when faced with water that was cold, refreshing but cost over £25.

On Thursday belfastvibe were invited to attend a water tasting event in The Merchant to launch their new Luxury Water Menu which includes a bottle of water all the way from the Arctic Ice Shelf which costs £26.45. Apparently it pairs really well with Arctic Roll.

With my good sense barking at me that there’s perfectly good water in the taps of Ulster, I did what any responsible boss would do and sent our new recruit to do the story. You can read how Kathryn got on here.

In the meantime I made for one of the most decorated off licences in Belfast to find out how much luxury beer I could get for the price of a luxury bottle of water.

The answer is this much.


The good folks at The Vineyard on the Ormeau Road set me up with this 100% NI-produced haul of beer featuring 11 brews from Pokertree, Knockout, Farmageddon, Clearsky, Hilden, Hercules, Hillstown and Inishmacsaint.

And here’s the receipt to prove it cost me exactly £26.45.

Beer receipt

The same price as this bottle of water.

Iceberg, Still Canadian Arctic Ice shelf Newfoundland - £26.45

And that’s basically it. I’ve opted to spent £26.45 on luxury beer instead of luxury water and now I’m left with the terrible task of having to drink lots of really nice beer.

When the hangover kicks in maybe I should embark on a new assignment to see if a £26.45 bottle of luxury water is able to alleviate the effects of £26.45 worth of luxury beer.

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