It seems Belfast’s passion for coffee is continuing, with a newly founded website aimed at quelling our seemingly unquenchable caffeine addiction.

Jordan Carroll is the owner of the innovative Belfast Coffee Co, a newly founded website that sells third wave coffee and accessories to the UK and Ireland as well as Belfast.

But what exactly is third wave coffee?

“Third wave coffee is a movement that is massive in America and is starting to get a grip over here with the likes of Established and Haptik. With third wave the companies work very close with the coffee pickers and growers, ensuring they get a fair price for the beans,” Jordan explains.

“This also means that the consumer knows where their beans come from and what tastes to expect.”


It seems Northern Irish man Jordan has correctly identified a major gap in the market, with people here increasingly growing more aware and passionate about their coffee, with the likes of belfastvibe’s favourite coffee shop Established, who also sell their own beans and equipment in store, leading the trend of third wave coffee here,

“Northern Ireland has come a long way in the last while in terms of coffee and I feel that third wave is going to be something that is truly huge,” he says.

“It wasn’t that long ago in Belfast that coffee was a luxury with only a few shops and now look, there is nearly a coffee shop on every street offering something different! Sometimes these kind of things need a push in the right direction and this is the aim of the Belfast Coffee Co. So far the only coffee shop in Belfast that we know that does third wave is Established Coffee and we think their success is down to the fact that they are truly early adapters, offering a different experience than every other shop around.”

“My inspiration behind this is basically the fact that I love a great tasting coffee and want others to be able to enjoy it as well!”

Jordan explains while he comes for an IT background, he gained invaluable experience working in coffee shops and has years of customer experience, and gained fantastic inside knowledge of what people want from their coffee in Belfast.

“I always went out of my way to try to provide the best service and taste to the customer as they obviously shared the same love for coffee as I did if they were drinking it!”

He added: “The Belfast Coffee Co is a very small team but we all have our speciality areas. So everything from the website, marketing and branding has been done in house and anything else we couldn’t do like printing was passed to local companies.”

ColombianBeans (1)

It’s fair to say local boy Jordan, who was born in Hollywood and then moved to Newtownards but worked in Belfast every weekend for the past five years, more than knows his market.

“The name Belfast Coffee Co is much more than just because Belfast loves coffee. It’s an identity that is going to be representing the Northern Ireland coffee culture world wide with our plans of entering the European and American markets very soon.”

“The products on our site would primarily be used for third wave coffee but obviously some of them are universal no matter what type of coffee you drink.”

“We will be at the NI Coffee Festival (September 26-27) on both days showcasing our beans with brew demonstrations, tasting and hopefully some brew workshops as well. It’s going to be a great weekend with about 4000 expected to pass though the doors at T13.”

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