Not that we need much encouragement to put on our Christmas jumpers and drink and eat to excess, but at least the arrival of the Christmas Market at City Hall legitimises such behaviour.

We’ve put together a list of our favourite attractions at Belfast’s Christmas Market taking in everything from beer to baguettes, tartiflette to trinkets, gluhwein to gourmet marshmallows.

1. The Merry Monk


Any visit to the Christmas Market wouldn’t be complete without calling into the huge beer hall that is the Merry Monk for a spot of people watching and beer tasting. There’s nothing quite like a stein of Paulaner to kick off the night in style. Or two more to end the night in inglorious fashion.

2. Churros


This stall also sells waffles and crepes, but they’ve got churros lathered in chocolate so ordering anything else would be insane.

3. Rocket & Relish


The first stop for many at the Christmas Market, these guys who are based just up the Lisburn Road bring their gourmet burgers to the masses and leave no one disappointed.

4. La Tartiflette


Amazing French cuisine including Roquefort Mussels, Creamy Chicken and Garlic Potatoes, but the clear star of the show is Tartiflette – a mesmerising mix of cheese, potatoes, onions, bacon and cream.

5. Welsh Hog Roast


We didn’t think a hog roast was a particularly Welsh thing, but when you taste their Belly Buster Baguette with all the trimmings you’ll find it hard to be convinced otherwise.

6. Bella Paella


Not only have they got the most marketable name in the market, but their food lives up to it.

7. The Best Macaroons In The World


We’re yet to taste a better one, so we can’t argue with their cockiness.

8. Mourne Seafood


Bitesize brilliance from the big fish of Belfast’s seafood scene.

9. Country Ramblings


Alana Doherty was the winner of the Pitch Perfect competition which one her the opportunity to sell her products at the Christmas Market. We’re pleased to report she’s a worthy winner.

10. Gluhwein Belfast


A visit to the Christmas Market wouldn’t be complete without a wee winter warmer. There’s plenty of Gluhwein to choose from at the Christmas Market but the Kriss Kringle Nook helps this stall stand out from the crowd.

11. Lavery’s beer tent


A mobile version of one of the our favourite pubs in Belfast. Pity they can’t fit any pool tables in.

12. Gilchrist’s


Seriously, who can resist this much sugar and colour?

13. Mallow Mia / Chocolate By Sera Beth


Gourmet marshmallows from Donegal’s wild Atlantic way alongside luxurious Chocolate by Sera Beth. You can get three varieties of marshmallow with a Belgian chocolate dip for £3.50. And if you’re looking after your figure the Gingerbread and Peppermint marshmallows are fat free.

14. German Charcoal Barbecue


The finest (and longest) German sausage smoked to perfection over charcoal.

15. Chocolate Workshop


Astoundingly realistic chocolate objects, oddities and paraphernalia. They look so amazing we feel bad eating them.

16. Feast At The Forge


An amazing array of hot food at this pop-up eatery including a rather heart-warming Goulash.

17. Dutch Pancakes


They’re so delicious and bitesized we reckon you could eat the whole tray.

18. Antonia Pizzeria


This pizzeria is authentically Italian, paying tribute to everything good about Naples. Check out the shrine including a pic of Diego Maradona in his Napoli days.

19. Meats Of The World


Kangaroo, Venison, Wild Boar and Buffalo are among those burgers offered at the Meats of the World stall. If you’re up for a food challenge we suggest you go supersize for a Kangaroo and Buffalo double burger.

20. Walkabuddy


As seen on The Apprentice these inflatable mates should keep the kids entertained while you grab another Gluhwein.

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