One Direction pulled a sickie minutes ahead of their gig in the SSE Arena leaving fans feeling equally as sick and now Little Mix have left if late in cancelling their Belfast shows.

But not everyone cries off so easily when they’ve fans depending on them.

Here are nine proper heroes from the worlds of showbiz and sport who’ve carried on through the pain…

1. Dave Grohl

Affliction: Broken leg

Injured Dave Grohl

Foo Fighters lead singer gave a new meaning to the showbiz phrase ‘break a leg’ after falling off the stage during a concert in Sweden. It happened during the second song of the set, but ever the showman he later returned to play the rest of the show with his leg in bandages.

2. Michael J Fox

Affliction: Near death by hanging

Marty McFly hanging with a noose around his neck only to be saved by Doc Brown is an iconic scene from Back to the Future 3. It’s also a scene that almost killed Michael J Fox.

During the seventh take Fox was getting tired and miscalculated the timing of his hand, which was meant to go between the noose and his neck, and as a result, he passed out for around 30 seconds before anyone noticed, presuming he was just putting on an acting tour de force.

3. Fabian Cancellara

Affliction: Broken back

Cancellara crashed during the third stage of the Tour de France this year and went on to finish the stage with a broken back. If ever there was a cyclist who could justify taking industrial strength drugs it was him.

4. Wayne Shelford

Affliction: Torn scrotum

New Zealand Number Eight Wayne ‘Buck’ Shelford wrote his name into rugby history during the All Blacks clash with France in 1986.

He’s already had four of his teeth knocked out before he was caught at the bottom of a ruck during which he had his scrotum ripped open by a savage boot.

Eventually he walked to the sideline and without any anaesthesia waited patiently on the side of the pitch as the doctor stitched him up and returned to action.

5. Tiger Woods

Affliction: Broken leg


Back in 2008 Tiger Woods sustained a double fracture in his tibia and a torn anterior cruciate ligament. He went on to compete in the US Open, hobbling through 91 holes, before winning a sudden death shoot-out to claim his 14th major.

6. Bert Trautman

Affliction: Broken neck

Injury Traut

We live in a time when footballer’s feign injuries at the very threat of a tackle.

But it wasn’t always like that. In the 1956 FA Cup final, Man City goalkeeper Trautmann broke his neck with 15 minutes left to play. There were no subs allowed back in those days so the keeper played on, making two more saves to help his team to a 3-1 win. No scrum-cap needed. Are you watching Petr Cech?

7. Clare Danes

Affliction: Pregnancy

Claire Danes filmed season 2 of ‘Homeland’ while pregnant, later saying it was the most physically demanding thing she’s done on-screen. The show filmed around her baby bump, often shooting Claire above the waist and from behind. When they’re filming Nolan Live they often use the same tactics.

8. Sam Burgess

Affliction: Fractured eye socket

In his last game before converting from rugby league to union Sam Burgess fractured his eye socket in the first 10 seconds of the game. A quick wipe with the magic sponge and Burgess was raring to go again. It’s a pity that fighting spirit was absent during England’s most recent Rugby World Cup campaign.

9. Gene Simmons

Affliction: Hair on fire

KISS are known for their use of fire during live shows, most notably when Gene Simmons chugs some gasoline and blows into a lit torch.

As you’d expect it doesn’t always come off as planned. Simmons has set his hair on fire at least half a dozen times, clearly not enough to put him off doing it.

10. Stone Cold Steve Austin

Affliction: Broken neck

In 1997, Stone Cold Steve Austin took part in a match for the Intercontinental championship at WWE Summerslam against the late great Owen Hart, who was known himself for putting his body on the line. Hart delivered a piledriver on Austin, which didn’t go according to plan and Austin was temporarily paralysed.

It didn’t stop him winning the match though. These guys will stick to the script no matter what.

11. Madonna

Affliction: Bruised ego

If it wasn’t a publicity stunt, it was one of the most fortunate accidents in music history as Madonna fell off the stage during this year’s Brit awards and sent Twitter into a frenzy. If any other 56-year-old had gone over like that she’d have been classed as ‘having a fall’, but with Madonna her heroic recovery proved to be showbiz gold.

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