Do you find yourself plummeting further and further into your over-draft in the lead up to Christmas?

Us too. And it seems we’re not alone. A new study has shown that on average the typical home-owner spends £694 in total every single year, according to a study of 2,000 people.

From forking out £168 on food alone to a further £90 on hosting and ensuring the home is ready for guests, the cost of the festive period now sees the average person spending almost £700…


(And we wonder why we’re getting so fat…)

The research, which was commissioned by Together Mutual Insurance, also found the average person generously splashes out £436 on gifts in a typical year – nearly £28,000 over the course of an adult lifetime.

And the bill for festive cheer tots up with home-owners also spending nearly £11,000 on Christmas food over their adult lifetime.

Christmas Cake

Other factors that can see the holidays spoiled include rows over who does the washing up, which family to visit and what to watch on television.

While burnt turkey, drink spillages and the cost of entertaining relatives can put also put a sour note on proceedings.

How crazy is your Christmas compared to ‘average?’ Check out the stats below…

Christmas Spends Per Year

Food: £168
Presents: £436
Home decorations: £90
Total: £694

Christmas Spend – Adult Lifetime (average 64 years)
Food: £10,752
Presents: £27,904
Decorations – 5,760
Total: 44, 416

Grumpy Christmas

Top 40 Most Common Christmas Grumbles:

1. How much money things cost
2. Where to spend Christmas Day
3. Which family to visit
4. How much to spend on other people
5. The temperature of the house
6. Who does the washing up
7. No one helping Mum
8. Old arguments being brought up
9. My partner drinking too much
10. Can’t agree what movie/TV to watch
11. How much to spend on each other
12. My partner not helping out enough when we have to host people
13. Mum stressing over the Christmas dinner
14. You or your partner having to work too much over the holiday
15. Having to sit in traffic while on the way to visit people
16. What presents to buy for the kids
17. Not tidying up after opening presents
18. People arriving late on Christmas Day
19. Whether to go out for Christmas dinner or stay at home
20. Whether to get a real or fake tree
21. My partner or I picking at food before it’s ready
22. What time to open presents
23. Who has to drive to a party/Christmas drinks
24. Who cooks the Christmas dinner
25. Who carves the turkey
26. Ownership of the remote control
27. Who decorates the tree
28. You or your partner staying out too late with friends and colleagues
29. Family members/ partner cheating at a board game
30. Whether or not to put Christmas spending on the credit card
31. The cost of entertaining relatives
32. Eating chocolate and spoiling dinner
33. The children using their mobile phones / laptops whilst at the dinner table
34. My parents saying something inappropriate at the table
35. The food getting burnt
36. Not having enough space to put up relatives
37. My partner saying something inappropriate at the table
38. Dad not wanting to watch soap opera Christmas specials
39. Someone spilling wine/drink at the table
40. The kids moaning about their presents

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