We are rather fond of a glass of the sparkling stuff.

Any ‘stuff’ actually (*that you can drink), but we’re particularly fond of bubbly stuff.

Hence why we’re so excited about the news that the high street’s biggest bottle of Prosecco has just been launched.

Because at long last a practical alternative has been invented for those of us who loathe popping to the off licence throughout the night to keep the Christmas table stocked with drinks.

Yes, as we suspect you’ll be glad to hear, Evening Standard reports retail giant Marks and Spencer is now selling a 300cl Monticella DOCG Prosecco Jeroboam (that’s the equivalent of four standard bottles).


The new Jeroboam is expected to fly off shelves, considering that a standard 75cl Monticella DOCG Prosecco from M&S costs £15, while the Jeroboam that is four times its size will be priced at only £45. In short, you’ll be able to get four bottles for the price of three over the Christmas period.

Plus, you’ll have the glory of turning up to the party with a bottle of booze of comedic proportions.

Now that does sound like a (*merry) Christmas!

And it seems we are not alone in our love affair with Prosecco, with the UK thirst for Prosecco showing no signs of slowing down. Indeed at M&S, sales for the trendy drink have grown by an astonishing 90% over two years.

But if you’re keen to get your hands on one of the enormous Prosecco bottles, you’ll need to be quick, as they are only available in limited quantities throughout December.

Time to stock up before dry January?

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