There’s been a bit of controversy around the new NI shirt, but it could be an awful lot worse.

From Man Utd’s infamous grey shirts that had to be changed at half time to a kit fit for an ambassador’s dinner party, we count down the 16 worst football shirts of all time…

16. Cameroon (2002)

Kit Cam

Cameroon’s sleeveless number was ahead of its time. Vest tops are all the rage nowadays and especially good for showing off your tats. Daniel Agger would have a field day.

15. Manchester United (1995)

Kit Man-United-95-Grey-M

United’s infamous grey kit led Alex Ferguson to insist his team changed strips at half-time during a defeat at Southampton. Someone should have told him he was allowed to make substitutes.

14. Liverpool GK (1995)

Kit Liv 1995

As designed by the Spice Girls led predominantly by Mel B.

13. SC Heerenveen (2006)

Kit Unive

10. Fiorentina (1992)

Kit Fio

A perfectly normal football shirt until you realise it doubles up as a magic eye trick constructed by Nazis. The inadvertent swastikas meant the shirt had to be withdrawn.

9. England GK (1996)

Kit England

One of the most offensive goalkeeper shirts of all time, like a cross between a GCSE art project and a bar brawl in Minecraft. It actually looked even worse when you saw David Seaman in it.

8. Dundee (1953)

Kit Dundee

Not a great football shirt but it came in handy for picnics.

7. Dundee United (1993)

Kit DU

Not to be outdone by their neighbours, Dundee United took 40 years to come up with a shirt that was even worse.

6. Sheffield Wednesday (1984)

Kit SW

Roller disco anyone? Their nickname is the owls and this is a kit that should only be worn at night. With the lights off.

3. Cultural Leonesa (2014)

Kit Tux

Ambassador, with this luxurious football kit you are really spoiling us! This Spanish team’s commemorative shirt proved to be a big hit for those heading straight to a dinner party after the game.

2. SK Brann (2015)

Kit Rubber

Not the most offensive of designs, but when you learn the shirt is made out of rubber it explains why this Norwegian club’s kit hasn’t shifted many units. Not so much SK Brann as S&M Brann.

1. Colorado Caribous (1978)

Kit sport-015

You may have thought there was nothing worse than a latex football shirt, but then you’ve obviously never seen this effort from North American soccer team Colorado Caribous. Okay, so it might have been the seventies but the combination of beige and tassles is inexcusable.

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