The controversial Teenage Dreams mural that was removed in east Belfast almost two years ago is back.

The street art which paid homage to radio presenter John Peel and Northern Ireland band The Undertones was removed when work commenced on the flyover it had been painted on.

The old version of the mural

The old version of the mural

Originally the artwork was painted over as part of a Social Development Department regeneration scheme.

At the time a huge public outcry at the removal of the Teenage Kicks lyrics meant an agreement was made to return them to their rightful place.

Funding was eventually secured for young people from both sides of the local community design the new mural.

Record boss Terri Hooley, who’s company Good Vibrations released the Teenage Kicks record in 1979 and brought it to the attention of radio legend Peel said yesterday of the reinstatement of the mural: “The BBC phoned and wanted me to talk about the new John Peel mural tomorrow morning at 8.30 at the flyover, sorry i do not do 8.30 in the morning unless i am on the way home from a party.”

He then added a link to news of the mural’s return stating: “Power to the people”.

However, the original tribute to John Peel has not been added to the new mural.

After allegations last year that Peel got an underage girl pregnant during his time at the BBC it is believed he was deliverately left off the the wall.

DSD confirmed: “in light of what has emerged about John Peel it is appropriate that any replacement does not include a reference to him”.

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