Over 200 complaints have been made to Ofcom over the use of a stunt dog in the final of Britain’s Got Talent.

Simon Cowell has said there will be a full investigation and added that ‘heads will roll’. I wonder will these be real heads or stunt heads.

Cowell getting on his high horse over the replacement dog is pretty rich of him considering his position on the BGT judging panel has clearly been filled with a waxwork robot for the past five years.

Anyway, in light of the dog swap saga on Britain’s Got Talent, here’s 4 of the UK’s biggest fakers…

1. Comatose man spotted in Tesco


Just last year a miracle occured during a police investigation into a £40,000 scam.

Alan Knight from Swansea had scammed a neighbour out of £40,000 but refused to go to court on the grounds that he was in coma.

He got away with it for two years before he was caught walking around Tesco after police traced him using loyalty card.

And I’ll bet he was parked in a disabled space.

2. The Liar, The Witch & The Wardrobe


In December 2007, John Darwin turned up alive and well after ‘dying’ five years previously in a canoeing accident.

He was arrested along with his wife and they were both charged with being very naughty people. It turned out John had been secretly living off his life insurance money in a property in Hartlepool next door to his wife which could be accessed via a wardrobe.

It’s a bit like CS Lewis’ Chronicles of Narnia but with added fraud.

3. Playing Devil’s Advocate

Giovanni di Stefano, who’d made his living as a lawyer, was convicted on charges of deception, fraud and money laundering, when it emerged he had absolutely no legal qualifications.

The Italian, who moved to Northamptonshire as a young boy, listed his clients to include Saddam Hussein, Gary Glitter and the Great Train Robber Ronald Biggs. He also said he had links with Robert Mugabe and Osama Bin Laden.

If you’re going to lie, you might as well lie big!

4. Saints preserve us!


In November 1996, Southampton’s manager at the time, Graeme Souness, received a phone call from someone claiming to be George Weah, then World Footballer of the Year, recommending his cousin, Ali Dia, to the Saints.

Souness bought it hook, line and sinker and Ali Dia made his Premier League debut against Leeds before being substituted after 33 minutes because he was utter rubbish. Sounds like the story of most of Liverpool’s recent forays into the transfer market.

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