Suffering from a bit of a sore head this morning? Well it seems wine contains more alcohol than manufacturers claim – so it might actually not be (all) your fault…

The Irish Independent recently reported that winemakers willfully mislead consumers by changing the percentage of alcohol on bottle labels.

So if you are struggling with a hangover this morning, it might not be entirely your own fault.

Wine has more alcohol in than manufacturers claim, putting drinkers’ health at risk and raising the chance of being over the drink-driving limit.

Academics at the University of California took samples from nearly 100,000 bottles of wine across the world and discovered that the alcohol content in nearly 60% was an average of 0.42% higher than stated on the label.

And it appears that winemakers are entirely aware of the discrepancy. They admitted to the researchers that they alter the percentage to meet customers’ expectations of how strong a bottle of alcohol should be.

The alcohol content on your wine might not be quite right according to new reports

Overall the study showed that Chilean and Spanish reds had the biggest margin of error between what percentage is stated on the bottle and what the wine actually contains. Chilean and American white wine were also among the worst offenders.

Researchers said they found a ‘tendency to overstate the alcohol content for wine that has relatively low actual alcohol, and a tendency to understate the alcohol content for wine that has relatively high alcohol content.’

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