Snack trends come and go, but it’s these dilemmas that are guaranteed to divide. What’s your opinion on these age-old snack food conundrums?

And no, we’re not going near the Jaffa Cake debate – the fact it’s got its own Wikipedia entry makes it stale.

Where do you stand on the following four snack protocols?

1. The Tayto debate

The perennial question as to whether the Tayto crisps you get ‘over the border’ are better than the Northern Irish version. So what’s your verdict – would you make the trip to the south for a red and blue bag of Tayto or are you more than happy with the yellow bags up here?

2. Peanut butter me up

When spreading peanut butter on your bread-based item do you also need to use a base layer of actual butter or is the peanut butter buttery enough? And while we’re here, are you a crunchy or smooth person?

3. Sausage roll, sausage bap, or both?

It’s popular with workmen and office workers alike in Belfast, but is a sausage roll or a sausage bap adequate on its own, or are you one for combining the two into the mid-morning snack of champions – a sausage roll bap?

4. Mix and match

Crisps and chocolate make for the perfect pairing but have you ever put them in your mouth at the same time to create a velvet crunch? If so, what’s the best combo? We’re a big fan of Cadbury Dairy Milk with Tayto Cheese & Onion (the Northern Irish version of course).

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