The average adult loses out on 64 nights worth of sleep every year, a study has found.

A poll of 1,000 adults in the UK found the average adult gets just six hours and 36 minutes of sleep each night – an hour and 24 minutes less than the recommended eight hours.

But over the course of a year, this lost sleep amounts to a staggering 511 hours – the equivalent of almost 64 ‘eight-hour’ nights.

Stress was found to be the main reason for a lack of sleep, followed by a partner who snores or fidgets, being too hot or cold and worrying about money.

Using technology late at night, having young children and an uncomfortable bed are also among the reasons for losing sleep.

Lack of sleep can lead to mistakes at work

The study revealed that 68% don’t believe they get enough sleep, with one in 20 claiming to get a maximum of four hours sleep a night.

Almost half admitted their tiredness has also led to them snapping at a partner while another 28% have made a mistake at work.

Others say a lack of sleep has led to them snapping at their children (26%), forgetting something (58%) or even getting on the wrong bus, train or tube. (5%)

Top twenty reasons for a lack of sleep:

Partner snoring or fidgeting
Too hot or cold
Financial worries
Back problem
Illness/sleep disorder
Work problems
Using technology before bed
Family problems
Young children
Noise outside your home
Excitement about something
Noise in your home
An uncomfortable bed
Too much caffeine
Eating too much, or too late before bed
Noisy neighbours
Night terrors or nightmares
Watching something scary or worrying before you go to bed

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