Ever since the global obsession around the selfie, pictures with celebrities have become the norm.

From stopping random famous people on the street when you meet to waiting backstage and side stage hoping to get a glimpse of your hero – gone are the days of needing a wing-man (or woman) to take the picture.

But before we could snap freely on our mobiles our encounters with the stars were rather more exciting. Filled with mystery, intrigue and the stress of wondering whether or not we’d got the snap.

I’ve been lucky, as a showbiz reporter for many years I’ve been fortunate enough to be photographed with some awesome people. But their awesomeness definitely doesn’t equate to how famous they are. The late Rik Mayall was one of my favourites closely followed by my drunken picture with children’s TV legend Timmy Mallett after a night of carnage at an awards ceremony.

belfastvibe's Tina Calder with punk legends Buck (The Defects), Terri Hooley (Good Vibrations) and Henry Cluney (XSLF)

belfastvibe’s Tina Calder with punk legends Buck (The Defects), Terri Hooley (Good Vibrations) and Henry Cluney (XSLF)

However, despite having a photographer in tow most times I was out and about on the red carpet or swanning about luxury London hotels waiting to interview someone, one of my biggest regrets is not having been just a little more forward about catching the moment on camera.

From chatting to Bono and Colin Farrell and laughing with Angelina Jolie because she stood on my toe at the premier of Alexander to sitting on a bed in a London hotel room with Carmen Electra and realising just why the world fell in love with those eyes, I’ve been lucky.

It was all in a day’s work for me and I took it for granted. One thing’s for sure I’m armed with my iPhone 24/7 now and I’m never letting another celebrity picture pass me by.

So in the spirit of CELEBRITY SELFIES here’s a few belfastvibe readers and their favourite snaps with the stars (you might find a couple of mine in there too), if you have one to share email it to team@belfastvibe.com or Tweet us @Belfast_Vibe #CelebSelfie:

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