Rumer Willis has revealed she used to compare herself to her mother, Demi Moore.

The 26-year-old, the eldest daughter of Demi and Bruce Willis, admitted she felt intimidated by the Ghost star when it comes to her looks and career.

“I compared myself to her. I just didn’t feel like we were even the same calibre,” Rumer told Us Weekly.

“I would go, ‘My mom wears smaller jeans than me! Oh, God. Maybe I’m not skinny enough’. Every girl looks up to her mother, but my mom was larger-than-life and I felt I could never be like her,” she added.

She previously revealed people would call her “Potato Head”, which led to “an unhappy existence”.

“I was just so insecure with who I was that I kept trying to change myself to fit into what I thought everyone wanted,” she added.

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