An advert on the back of a bus in Wales caused a fuss this week after a naked woman was seen to be offering commuters the chance to ride her all day for £3.


In light of this blunder I’ve been on the look out for more dodgy public advertising.

This one was spotted on the Castlereagh Road.

Sign Topless WKD

Now I enjoy a WKD, but taking my top off to drink it isn’t appealing to either myself or the people in my company.

Further down the Castlereagh Road is a church hoping to attract Nirvana fans.

Sign Come As You Are

But sadly the Castlereagh Road is where the fun ends so I’ve had to look further afield for some epic advertising fails.

America is full of them…

Is is possible to be wrong on three levels? It appears so…

Sign Crack

This can’t be real, it just can’t.

Sign Big Dick's

What happened to Gentleman Jack?

Sign Jack

A lovely offer, but I’ll have to decline

Sign Ray Bans

Location is everything!

Sign Texting

I’m told there’s something seriously array with this ad, but I haven’t seen it yet. Be sure to let me know if you spot it.

Sign Computer Doctors


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