Renowned teen blogger Jake Burns is back with a new blog after trolls forced him to quit his site which had attracted nearly two million readers.

His most successful post – 30 Ways To Know You Are Northern Irish – got him the biggest exposure, attracting the attention of local celebs like Pete Snodden and Stephen Nolan as well as international gossip guru Perez Hilton.

On his previous celebrity based blog the 17 year old interviewed celebrities including Sia, Nadine Coyle, Janet Devlin and Mariah Carey.

He said: “I had started writing with no intention of my blog ever becoming big, but just to enjoy myself. When it became so successful it took me by shock and surprise. Although I’d receive thousands of positive comments, it would always be the nastiest that I could not help but focus on. After a while of abuse from online trolls it become unenjoyable.”


Despite the negative comments, Jake has bounced back with a new blog and a new concept.

“I wanted to create a more personal blog, something that represented me,” he said.

“I plan to write more lifestyle, fashion and food posts rather than celebrity gossip, as well as addressing issues such as bullying, anxiety and high school worries. Times have changed and teens like myself want Google answers to everything. If my future posts like advice on being bullied helped even a few Northern Irish teens, It would make me extremely happy.”

Jake will make an appearance at West Coast Cooler FASHIONWEEK on Thursday (October 15) and he’ll be no doubt posting about it very soon…

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