So you’ve just scratched off the panels on your National Lottery scratchcard and it’s telling you you’ve won £250,000.

Being unaccustomed to such luck your first reaction is to phone the National Lottery so they can let you down gently and explain how you’ve got the wrong end of the stick and you’re actually only entitled to £2.50.

Sharin McCourt from County Londonderry was faced with the scenario of doubting her lottery win, but a phone call to the National Lottery confirmed she was in fact a quarter of a million pounds better off.

Here’s the call she made…

Sharin had no idea her life was about to change for the better when she popped to her local Mace store in August to buy groceries for dinner and picked up two £250,000 Blue & Green scratchcards, from National Lottery GameStore.

After scratching the first unsuccessful scratchcard she moved onto the next and low and behold it revealed three amounts of £250,000.

After checking with friends and the shop where she bought it she called The National Lottery claim line for confirmation. It was at the this point she started “shaking like a leaf”.


The UK’s biggest ever Lotto jackpot went unclaimed on Wednesday meaning an estimated £57.8 million will have to be won or shared out on Saturday.

Never mind shaking like a leaf, we’ll be uprooting an entire forest if we win!

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