We’re all about Quentin Tarantino right now, especially with the Pop Up Film Club about to pay tribute to three of his cult classics this weekend with dance off’s, Jameson prizes and Battle Royale burgers.

So when his leaked casting wishlist for 1994 Oscar winning Pulp Fiction went viral after it was leaked online, we couldn’t resist a cheeky look. And some of his original choices may surprise you…

For one thing – despite Courtney Love’s repeated claims to the contrary, neither Kurt Cobain or Love herself appear as respective Lance or Jody potentials – which Tarantino has always staunchly denied.

The parts were played by Eric Stoltz and Rosanna Arquette…


And it seems John Travolta owes Michael Madsen a huge debt of gratitude for turning down the lead role of Vincent Vega, as he was Tarantino’s first choice!

Yes it seems Madsen has since come to regret turning down the role that resurrected Travolta’s fledgling career from the brink of no return to Hollywood super-stardom (despite how odd he is these days. Because who could forget the cringe-inducing face-stroking at this year’s Oscars when Travolta became the creepy uncle at the wedding…)


On his wish list, Tarantino reveals that although he wrote the part specifically for Madsen, if he couldn’t do it Travolta was a ‘strong, strong, strong, second choice.’


As you can see from this list below, Alec Baldwin, Gary Oldman and Michael Keaton for the role, while Denzel Washington, Andy Garcia, Aidan Quinn and and Dennis Quaid are also listed.


Meanwhile, the famously eccentric but brilliant director had to go with his second choice for Lance, despite having wrote the part especially for John Cusack.

Johnny Depp, Christian Slater, Nicholas Cage, John Cusack and Gary Oldman were all possible replacements for Roth’s Pumpkin, or ‘Ringo’ as Samuel L calls him – although that nickname may have been improvised on set due to Roth’s English accent!

In fact, Gary Oldman was considered to play every single male role on the visible list, but surprisingly, was never actually cast in this or any other Tarantino-directed film (Just True Romance, which was written by him).


A separate list was also doing the rounds online this week, which purports to be a fax sent from studio Miramax to Tarantino featuring actors it had pre-approved for each role.

It listed Eddie Murphy as a potential Jules, Matt Dillon or Sean Penn as Butch, and Danny DeVito as The Wolf.

Uma Thurman is not listed as a potential Mia Wallace, but Tarantino famously insisted on casting her.

Bruce Willis is the only person who landed a main role who wasn’t named on either list.

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