There’s red sauce, brown sauce… and now Purple Sauce.

The brand new blackberry-based product, which has been crafted specifically with cooked breakfasts in mind, was launched in The Premier Inn today (Wednesday).

The hotel chain conducted a survey as part of its launch of their Purple Sauce which saw Belfast top the list as Britain’s sauciest city, with 14% of people admitting to be self-confessed sauce addicts. A sixth of people would even refuse a bacon sandwich if it had no sauce.

Created with the help of expert chef Ed Baines, Purple Sauce is designed specifically for breakfast and is set to ‘shake up’ Premier Inn’s breakfast menu and get guests ready for the day ahead.

The sauce’s base is blackberry, and includes a range of natural ingredients – including cracked black pepper, crushed chillies, toasted cumin and smoked salt.

Its cleverly crafted flavours mean purple sauces goes perfectly with sausages and back bacon, whether on a full fry or in a juicy sarnie.


As part of our dedicated research, the belfastvibe team headed over for a taster. And we can report very happy results.

Not only is the purple shade of the sauce a far more appetising hue than the vivid garish purple we had envisioned, but it’s a completely natural shade that reflects its delicious blackberry base. Indeed, despite any fears of artificial colourings and flavours it contains absolutely none. That’s probably better than the typical sauce we usually douse our bacon butties with…

It possesses the sweet tanginess of red sauce and the deeply delicious taste of brown combined, but with some extra oomph. A little goes a long way too.

In fact, we were kind of surprised it’s currently only on offer in sachets as an accompaniment with breakfast. However, we’re told it has been doing so well it shall soon hopefully be offered at lunch and dinner – as it would be perfect with a juicy burger.

In even better news, the future may bring bottles available to buy. Yum.

Graeme Callender, Cluster Manager for Northern Ireland, explained, “Three quarters of Premier Inn’s guests eat a full cooked breakfast and this is the reason why we decided to create a new dedicated breakfast sauce.”

The sauce will now be available throughout all Premier Inn hotels and restaurants  in the hope it will encourage even more people to join them for breakfast to give the Purple Sauce a try.

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