Having been a model for most of her adult life Laura Lacole has always dreamed of being in business.

Saavy from a young age, she’s managed her own career in the lingerie and glamour industry working for some of the biggest publishers throughout the UK and Europe.

Having seen an opportunity, and not one to be left behind, she’s filling the gap.

Model Laura says it’s time for diversity in the world of modelling

Model Laura says it’s time for diversity in the world of modelling

Laura, from Belfast, explained: “For a large part of my career I’ve been a glamour model and throughout that time I was always intrigued by the fact that there were no strong female public figures, particularly in Northern Ireland, who openly express their sexuality.

“I set out to put myself in that position and challenge opinions. Through that journey I became aware of how stifled and one dimensional the modelling landscape in Northern Ireland is. It caters for one genre of the industry – what is typically termed fashion or commercial.

“In that genre there are strict guidelines about height and shape and restrictions on body art for example that are quite frankly dated and not representative of the modern day diversity in consumerism.”

Last week Laura announced the launch of Frontier Models, an agency representing models across Ireland and Northern Ireland which she says is an agency offering “diversity where it currently doesn’t exist”.

Representing models from the fitness, fashion, commercial, lingerie and glamour genres among others for Laura it’s not just business. She has instigated a model management plan that sees each of her signings get bespoke advice, training and support to progress not only their career in modelling but also to ensure they develop lasting brands.

“I want the agency to reshape things. It’s already a growing force,” she said, adding: “We will have a part to play of a revolutionising of the local modeling industry. We aren’t sticking to the norm.

“I don’t fear the disapproving waving fingers of a few, because providing a platform for men and women who want to express and celebrate their sexuality, giving smaller people a chance to model and a platform for women over a certain size to become models can only be a positive thing.

“We invest in each individual, I’m not filling my books with lovely looking people. I’m carefully and exclusively selecting people that are more than just a hanger. They’re robust with potential to go far as individuals.

“I, and my team, are nurturing them and helping them plan for their futures.”

As well as owning Frontier Models Laura is also a trustee and executive member of Atheist NI and owns SCI-GEIST, a multimedia company which aims to promote a lifestyle where young adults have involvement with science.”

For more info frontier-models.com

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