Next time you drop a couple of f-bombs or finish your sentence with a rather nifty ‘and sh*t’, be safe in the knowledge that you’re actually displaying your abundant intelligence.

According to a new survey – rather than be shushed or ticked off – you’re superior intellect should be applauded when you go off on a sweary rant.

In complete contrast with previous surveys that said swearing is lazy and a sign of bad manners, fluent use of profanity can be a sign of an articulate nature and a deep intelligence, or so says research from the Language Sciences journal.

A sample of students were asked to name as many swear words as they could within two minutes. After, they asked them to recite other lists of words, such as listing as many animals as possible within the same time frame.

They found that those who thought up the biggest number of swear words, also had the greatest number of responses for the other subjects allowing them to conclude that “fluency is fluency regardless of subject matter.”

We’ll leave you with the opinion of the world’s most intelligent man…

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