There’s nothing better than specially designed Christmas cocktails at this time of year.

Whether you’re out in the city centre for your Christmas work do, out with mates, or just craving a relaxing drink after a hard day’s shopping (in which case, you doubly deserve one, or three) – we strongly recommend these. (But we warn you – never shop when tipsy. Always do it the other way round…)

Here’s our top 7 Christmas Cocktails in Belfast…

1. Christmas Illumination

Muriel’s, 12-14 Church Ln

Christmas Illumination

Created by their very own Hennessy Connoisseur, the Christmas Illumination really will brighten up your day.

Containing Hennessy, Chocolate Tequila, espresso and brown sugar – for £6.95. This offers something more unique than many other cocktails on offer, but still captures the Christmas spirit with its delicious flavour combinations. You can find it under the Winter Martinis menu.

2. Childhood Memories

Sixty6, 62-68 High St

Sixty6 Festive cocktails

This cocktail tastes even better than it looks (and it looks very good).

Containing Jameson, Baileys Irish Cream Liqueur, Creme de Cacao and almond milk, Childhood Memories costs £8 and can be found on their extensive Winter Sips Menu.

3 & 4: Christmas Cocktail & Christmas Trifle

Stormont Hotel, 587 Upper Newtownards Rd

Christmas Cocktail and Christmas Trifle

The Christmas Cocktail & Christmas Trifle cocktails at the Stormont Hotel are so good, that we genuinely can’t choose between them. So sorry, but you might just have to try them both and let us know.

The Christmas Cocktail (in the tall flute glass) contains a scrumptious combination of Cubed Sugar & Brandy, Cranberry Juice and Cava.

Whilst the Christmas Trifle contains the delectable Cranberry Vodka, Cointreau, Strawberry Liquer, Muddled Strawberries and a vanilla cream float.

5. Sloe Velvet

Muriel’s, 12-14 Church Ln

Sloe Velvet

We’re big fans of Sloe Gin this year, and particularly enjoy the smooth, fresh taste offered by the Plymouth Sloe Gin topped with Guinness. This is another great quirky option from Muriel’s we strongly recommend you try – particularly if you’re a fan of the good aul black stuff.

You’ll find it under the Festive Twists section of the cocktail menu for £6.95.

6. Baltimore Eggnog

The Merchant Hotel, 16 Skipper St


The Merchant Hotel’s Cocktail of the Season – the Baltimore Eggnog is rich and creamy. It perfectly encapsulates the spirit of festive season and was clearly created with chilling winter nights in mind.

The hotel’s expert mixologists have perfected and enhanced the Baltimore Eggnog by adding a slight twist on tradition.

Ingredients include 15ml Hennessy VS Cognac, 20ml Rich Madeira wine, 15ml Appleton VX Rum, 20ml cane syrup, 15ml full fat milk and 1 egg.

7. Plymouth Sloe

Cutters Wharf, Lockview Rd

Plymouth Sloe - Christmas Cocktails

Whilst there is a great specifically created cocktail for Christmas at Cutters, we were recommended this one by staff from the gin menu, who highly recommended it for its festive taste.

We were so pleasantly surprised with the refreshing yet Christmas-y taste, that we wasted no time going out and buying the ingredients so we could make the cocktails at home.

Containing Plymouth Sloe Gin, Ginger Ale and a dash of lemon and ice, this is one we will be indulging in all year round…

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