Following a popular social media campaign the iconic Cadbury’s Tiffin bar is set to return to our shelves after a whopping 13 years!

The chocolate, which contains raisins and biscuit pieces, was originally launched back in 1937 but the company stopped making it in 1972. It then reappeared for 18 years up until 2003. Whilst it’s already on sale in ROI, UK fans can see it on shelves from June 1.

Can we get a similar campaign going for any of these sweet treats we miss from our childhood?!

1. Taz Bars

Taz Bars

There was simply something better, other than the 10p price tag, about the Taz bar before it disappeared and came back as the Freddo Caramel.

Whether it was that it was (probably) bigger (as chocolate bars keep shrinking), the better packaging, or just the name, I think we speak for all 90’s kids when we say – Bring back the Taz bar!


2. Sunny D – The Original Flavour (with all the sugar!)

Sunny D Original

With the key ingredient being sugar, there was even a choice of two flavours: Florida style and California style.

Alas, after leaving us all hopped up and addicted to sugar, reports emerged that shocked parents who thought they’d discovered a gold mine in the form of a healthy juice we were actually willing to drink.

Somehow it came out that this ‘healthy’ beverage was actually only 5% juice. Which obviously meant that the other 95% was food colouring, sugar and a load of other extremely unhealthy rubbish. No wonder it tasted so good.

Then of course, around the same time as these revelations were coming out, some poor four year old girl in Wales was very publicly admitted to hospital following being turned a ‘yellow colour’ by consuming too much Sunny Delight. Seriously.

And thus Sunny D disappeared again from our childhood.

Whilst Sunny D briefly disappeared it did return to the shelves. But with a new, far less sugary recipe! Although the original is still available in the US.

3. Mingles


Our favourite box of chocolates to receive in our noughties childhood no longer exists, after Bendicks made us sad by stopping them.

4. Toffo


Our first love was this assortment of individually wrapped fruit flavour toffees – featuring the green apple, strawberry, banana and pineapple flavour.

When Toffos were discontinued in the UK six years ago, thousands of people were up in arms.

Whilst we naively searched for them with renewed hope in every shop we entered, unbeknownst to us, angry articles were written, protest groups took to social media – some of them even had thousands of backers – but it seemed as though nothing would see the toffee-filled treats make a comeback.

5. Cadbury’s Dream Bars


Why do all good things have to come to an end?

6. Sherbert Fountain In The Paper Packaging

Sherbert Fountain

A special RIP goes to the Sherbert Fountain in its original paper packaging. In all of its unhygienic splendour.

Kill-joys previously responsible for the loss of the Smarties tube decided in 2009 that a resealable plastic tube was more befitting of the modern age. But we just don’t think it tastes the same…


7. Squeezit


It was all about twisting the bottle to get to the glorious drink inside.

8. Flake Snow

Flake Snow

In 2003, the Cadbury Snowflake was renamed Flake Snow. It was our favourite Christmas time treat until it was discontinued in 2008.

9. Panda Pops

Panda Pops

There was nothing quite like popping (see what we did there) to the corner shop to buy one of these bad boys for just 33p – we could even afford to get a Taz bar and a 10p mix-up. Those were the days.

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