The happiest place to live in the UK is in Northern Ireland…

That’s right, according to national well-being figures, Fermanagh and Omagh have rated themselves the happiest on a scale of zero to ten.

Residents said they were 8.3 when asked: “Overall, how happy did you feel yesterday? Where 0 is ‘not at all happy’ and 10 is ‘completely happy’.”

Bolsover in Derbyshire came lowest in the happiness, worthiness and life satisfaction categories.


Pendle in Lancashire is the most anxious place to live, with people rating themselves 3.6 when asked: “Overall, how anxious did you feel yesterday?”

Meanwhile Eilean Siar, in the Outer Hebrides, is the best place to live for life satisfaction and was also in the top five for happiness and worthiness.

West Somerset came top when people living in the area were asked: “What extent do you feel the things you do in your life are worthwhile?”

So there you have it – us here in Norn Iron must be happier than we realise in the grand scheme of the rest of the UK. Or maybe they just caught us on a good day…


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