Two of Northern Ireland’s rising stars of the craft beer scene are set to launch four new beers to add to their growing portfolios.

Here’s what you can expect from the new offerings from Mourne Mountains Brewery and Foxes Rock

Mourne Mountains Brewery

The Mourne Moutains are arguably the most beautiful thing to look at in Northern Ireland, now thanks to Mourne Mountains brewery you can taste them as well. The Warrenpoint-based brewery, launched last year, produces its range of craft beers using water from the Spelga Dam.

MMB Beer (1)

They have three core brews – Mourne Gold Pale Ale, Red Trail Red IPA and Big Rock Wheat Beer – two seasonals – East Coast IPA and Mourne Mist Pilsner – and the newest addition to the rugged mountain clan is going to be a Belgian-style stout. It will make an excellent alternative glass of the Black stuff for your St Patricks Day Celebrations, or you could try pairing it with your favourite chocolate at Easter. Stay tuned for further information…


Pictured at the launch of Mourne Mountains Brewery is Connaire McGreevy, founder of the brewery, with Tom Ray, Master Brewer and Slángha, the legendary figure who travelled over from Greece and was one of the first people to produce beer using water from the Mournes.

Connaire McGreevy, founder and owner of Mourne Mountains Brewery, said: “In Northern Ireland the craft beer revolution continues to grow and we’ve developed a real taste for high quality crafted ales. Craft beer is something I’ve been passionate about for many years and as a keen traveller I’ve visited craft breweries and bars all over the world and have seen how exciting the industry can be.

“I wanted to take that passion and my research to produce the finest artisan beers in the country and cater the growing thirst for local brews.”

The beers from Mourne Mountains Brewery are available both on draft and in bottles, with production overseen by Master Brewer Tom Ray, who has brewed award-winning real ales for microbreweries in England and worked at a number of global breweries.

“Tom is dedicated to producing the finest quality craft beer and his extensive experience has allowed us to develop a varied and balanced range of flavours,” Connaire added.

“Using his knowledge and the fresh spring water from the Mournes we’ve created a range that caters to both speciality beer aficionados and regular beer drinkers.

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For more information visit and for a full list of stockists search ‘Mourne Mountains Brewery’ on Facebook. You can alos follow them on Twitter @MourneBrewery

Foxes Rock

Nestled in the shadow of the Cooley Mountains on the outskirts of Newry, Station Works Brewery has been quietly building a reputation for itself among craft brewers everywhere.

25/11/15 Brewer Andrew Jorgensen at work Picture: Finbarr O'Rourke NO FEE

Brewer Andrew Jorgensen at work. Picture: Finbarr O’Rourke

Based in the old ‘Station Works’ on the main Belfast to Dublin railway line, the brewery inherits a rich history of involvement in the Irish brewing and distilling industry.

Taking inspiration from the majestic beauty of the Cooley Mountains, the team behind Foxes Rock have produced some remarkable beers to reflect the local landscape.

The brewery produces a unique portfolio of craft beers including Finn, an Irish craft Pilsner lager inspired by the legendary Finn McCool and Foxes Rock, an Irish Pale Ale inspired by the ridge that rises in the historic Cooley Mountains.

foxes rock range

The beers are brewed with locally sourced malt from the Loughran family farm in nearby Dundalk. The rich and fertile soils of the Loughran farm produce some of the highest quality Irish malt.  Add some crystal clear water from nearby Camlough Lake, the finest hops, specially selected yeast and the magic begins.

Station Works Brewery is very unique in that it also houses packaging facilities for the production of both bottle and can products and it currently has the capacity to produce 40,000HL a year, equating to more than 7 million pints! This capacity and bottling equipment allows Station Works to reach out to fellow Irish craft brewers and cider makers offering them a much sought after local contract packaging service.

As the new year works up a head of steam, Station Works welcomes new beers with an extension to its Foxes Rock family. Three new varieties now stand alongside the sessionable Foxes Rock Irish Pale Ale.

Foxes Rock

Foxes Rock Red Ale is a dark auburn ale with subtle biscuit and caramel flavours from specialty malts, balanced by a light bitterness and spicy flavour from carefully selected Challenger hops.

The new IPA is bursting with fruity hop flavour due to the generous dry hopping, balanced with malty and biscuit flavours from the malt ensures to please the taste buds.

Finally, the addition of a dark Irish Stout completes the Foxes Rock family. Topped with a creamy head, the stout is smooth and full bodied. The black malt provides dark chocolate and coffee character to the beer.

“These new additions to our range will add three more exciting steps onto the craft beer journey for customers,” said Station Works Master Brewer J O’Brien.

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