Katie Richardson is a musician, composer, musical director, actress and facilitator.

She has performed with many bands: her own, Katie and the Carnival and now Goldie Fawn having shared a stage with Van Morrison, Foy Vance, Duke Special and the likes.

She writes music for theatre, film and arts projects throughout Ireland and is passionate about inclusion she started a new project ‘to be beautiful’ which will give a creative response to the issue of body image.

Recently Katie was one of a number of women in Northern Ireland who took part in a special TEDx Stormont Women event.  For more information log onto www.tedxstormont.com.


Meet Katie:

What do you do?
I’m a musician and composer. I played as Katie and the Carnival for years and now am working on a new project called Goldie Fawn. I also write music for theatre and film and work as a failitator with people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities. 

Home is…
where the people you love are. 

Tell us something your mum doesn’t know about you?
My mum knows everything about me!! 😉 

What would you do if you had the keys to the city for the day?
I’d turn all the abandoned buildings into performance and workshop spaces for young arts organisations, individuals and charities. We have lots of unused spaces and so many people who need spaces to work and create – I think we utilise those spaces better! 

What’s the most interesting discovery you’ve made in Belfast?
I fell in love with Titanic Quarter last year. Found the Dock Cafe (which runs on an honesty box system) and spent many days watching the world go by there. It’s such a beautiful and striking area of Belfast. Also the Beat Carnival Centre which is at the bottom of th Shankill Road. It’s hidden away and looks like a standard warehouse from the outside but you walk in to a treasure trove of floats, costumes, props and exciting artistic activity! It’s magical!

Which building would you most like to be locked in overnight?
That’s a tricky one but probably Victoria Square – you could watch the city all night from the dome or he QFT for an all night movie marathon!! 

Celebrity crush?
Matthias Schoenaerts absolutely took my breath away in the new adaptation of Far from the Madding Crowd. 

Describe your perfect day in the city?
I love being outdoors so it would probably involve a walk in one of our many beautiful forests or parks, food and coffee with friends (im a big fan of brunch) and experiencing some of our incredible world class arts scene.

What’s the last major event you attended in Belfast?
Because of my job I am lucky to get to many awesome events and festivals. I’m not sure what the last ‘major’ one was but I love going to support local projects, openings, plays, bands, street theatre, festivals etc. it’s all the little things that make our city so special. We have to suport and nurture our local creators and makers if we want our cities vibrancy to grow or even survive! 

Favourite restaurant:
I love breakfasts and lunch in my local cafe Kaffe O – they have a delicious and healthy Nordic inspired menu and excellent coffee. The supper Club in Black Bear is delicious- a different 3 course menu every week and its BYO – have had some of my most delicious eating experiences there and I am a real foodie! 

Favourite bar or club:
I love the Black Box. It’s a really lovely little gem in the Cathedral Quarter – it’s a diverse venue and the front room is a quirky little bar with homemade pizza nd an excellent choice of drinks. I have had some of my best times there. I also love The Sunflower – it boasts an incredible selection of craft beers and always has live music and lots going on. 

Best place in Belfast to spend a fiver:
St George’s Market – great food, coffee and atmosphere! 

A product from NI you wouldn’t be without abroad:
Potato bread – I love it! I was working at the balmoral show a couple of weeks ago and had some cheese and chive potato bread. To. Die. For.

Earliest Belfast memory?
Probably just being at home with my family! Great memories of us all being together and playing and digging in the garden! 

What movie most closely resembles your life story and why?
Difficult question! I don’t know which one resembles my life but I can tell you be that I try and live my life by! Touching the Void is a documentary film and a perfect example of how humans can survive even the most difficult of situations and with determination, passion and perseverance we can achieve things that seem impossible. That film inspires me to always keep going no matter how tired and frustrated I become! 

Sum up Belfast in three words?
The Belfast I know is changing, vibrant and home but I also need to chuck in the word frustrating as I think our city’s potential can be limited by some peoples narrow minded thinking.
However I am greatful to be surrounded by many forward thinkers who believe that this place can be the best place to live, work, visit and create if we all put a little work and passion in!

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