The stars have aligned and once again moustaches and November have combined perfectly to create the annual fluff-fest that is Movember.

However, the cracks are starting to show (albeit beneath layers of whiskers).

Now in its 11th year, could Movember have become a victim of its own success?

Movember is facing two major challenges – is growing a moustache even considered a novelty any more? And are there enough men left without moustaches to make this a worthwhile fundraising idea.

The idea behind Movember is that people grow moustaches, look a bit silly, and people give money to charity as a nod to them being such great sports.


It’s around this time of year I feel sorry for people who’ve had moustaches all their lives.

Is Movember our way of saying to them, “People in their right minds would only inflict on their faces that ridiculous monstrosity that you’ve had on yours for a month maximum, and even then only because it’s for a good cause.”

Perhaps this is where Movember has come full circle to bite itself on its hairy behind. I’ve no doubt it was Movember that gave rise to the facial hair explosion that we’re witnessing right now.

Having a beard and listening to folk music has gone from being an uncles only alternative lifestyle to the new mainstream.

Thanks to Movember, those people who’d taken pride in maintaining a clean shaven face for so many years suddenly got hooked on a new novelty facial accessory and decided to make it permanent. Like someone who wore an eye patch at Halloween then decided to keep it on the whole year round.


Just as it’s happened with beards, if half of the population of Belfast wore eye patches for even a couple of weeks there’s no doubt people would stop staring, accept it as the norm and join the club. We’d probably end up featured on Buzzfeed too.

Whether or not moustaches and eyepatches are ridiculous or sexy is besides the point.

The real question about Movember is, given the amount of facial hair currently on display in Belfast, are there enough eligible people left to take part?

A quick survey of city centre males would suggest not.

On Friday evening I conducted a survey of men in Belfast and observed that an unbelievable 145 out of the 150 men entering a disused warehouse in the city centre had some form of facial hair.

Turns out the results may have been a bit skewed as I was standing outside the top secret location of the Greater Belfast Geography Teachers Masquerade All Night Glowstick Party… helluva night though!

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