Toni Suzanne Gregg recently won the title of Miss Galaxy Belfast and will be representing Belfast in April for a chance to go to Orlando and compete internationally.

The Galaxy International Pageant is a prestigious international pageant system whose finals are held annually during the Summer in Orlando, Florida. There are four rounds: Opening Round, Partywear, Bikini and Evening. The competition takes place during the evening of 2 April, after candidates have spent the day being interviewed in front of a panel of judges.

Toni explains: “I have been chosen to compete in Galaxy Ireland where I will hold the title of miss Galaxy Belfast.”

“Miss Galaxy is one of the leading beauty pageants in the UK! Competing in Miss Galaxy is an incredible experience! Miss Galaxy and Miss Teen Galaxy launched over five years ago in the United Kingdom and have quickly gained an excellent reputation in the industry! The winner of Miss Galaxy will go on to compete in Miss Galaxy International in the USA! Miss Galaxy is the only pageant in the UK that leads to Miss Galaxy International in the USA.”


Toni currently works as street crew for Cool FM and is a part time model and promotion girl.

“I love going out with my friends and spending time with my family. I’m a real home bird. My career goal is to open my own business but I’m not quite sure what yet.

“I have followed Galaxy since I was a little girl looking at all the girls I’m their beautiful dresses and their sparkling crowns and just knew one day I wanted that to be me. This is the first year it has been held in Ireland and I’m so exited I’ve got the chance to represent Belfast in the competition.

“I am nervous but at the same time so exited to get up on stage and do my best. I have danced for 16 years now and my grannie always used to tell me ‘if you’re not nervous before you compete there was no point doing what your doing as it meant your heart wasn’t in it’ – so nerves are good!”

Toni has done a lot of catwalk, photoshoot and promotion work, including walking for Brighton Fashion Week in 2015. The local beauty even won Princess of Northern Ireland 2015, with pageants something she’d love to continue in the future.

Before donning bikini-wear for competitions, Toni doesn’t have time for crash diets, preferring to take the sensible clean living lifestyle – with the odd treat thrown in when she feels temptation!

“I try to eat as clean as I can, I don’t really stick to a diet as I’m not very good at it! I like to try be sensible but I don’t let myself crave anything as I think down the line I end up eating more! I have always been into sport so am naturally fit, but leading up to the competition I’ll be doing some home workouts to get my Bikini body ready!

“It’s you’re body – you just have the be confident with what you’ve got! It’s not all about being stick thin with six-pack-abs! It’s about having the confidence in yourself. Everyone is beautiful, if we all looked the same it would be a pretty boring world.”

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