Michael Mul may be a bearded bloke in his twenties, but he’s becoming best known as a ‘Belfast Girl’.

The 23 year old spoke to belfastvibe about the attention he’s been getting following his video posts to Facebook featuring the Belfast Girls.

“I grew up with three older sisters and have a lot of girlfriends so it’s kind of based on them all really and also myself,” he said.

“I always wanted to make YouTube videos but was never confident enough, last summer I was part of Cool FM’s cool choices programme and really enjoyed it.”

Michael continued: “It really built my confidence and ambition. Just after the programme ended in September last year I started making YouTube videos (LifeOnMick).

“I’ve always loved entertaining people so I thought, I’ve got nothing to lose so why not! So one day a few weeks ago I thought it would be funny to do a video about Belfast girls’ nights out and I just uploaded it and it got quite a good reaction so I decided to keep doing more and I’m so happy that people are enjoying watching them as much as I enjoy making them.”

He’s been fairly prolific with the Belfast Girls videos, posing around two or three a week with new sketches

“I would love to do one every day but I want to make sure the idea is good and I find it funny myself,” he said.

“I’ve been writing lots of ideas down so I cant wait to shoot ahead with them. I don’t have plans right now for new characters but I would definitely love to.

Michael studied Creative Media Production at Belfast Met and is currently on the look out for a job.

He mulled over a few career paths: “I would love to do stand up, I just don’t think I would be confident enough for that, but it’s something I would like to try at least once in the future!

“My career goal has always been to work in the entertainment industry. I was recently in Manchester for an interview/audition to be part of the Thomas Cook overseas entertainment team so I’m waiting to hear back from them. Singing, dancing, acting, comedy, I love it all.”

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