With The Avengers hitting the cinemas this week I started thinking what these Marvel superheroes would be like if they came from Belfast…

Our Thor


Like most lads in Belfast, Our Thor has a cool beard. When he’s about expect a fair bit of carnage. Whatever you do don’t question his upbringing or he will turn very nasty. One thing’s for sure, when Thor is on a night out people tend to get hammered.

The Belfast Hulk


Exposed to serious levels of bigotry as a wee lad, The Belfast Hulk changes colour at any mention of marches or flags and swells to 5 times his normal size. Some would say he’s got Small Man Syndrome. You won’t like him when he’s angry or any other time for that matter.

(I Don’t Know How To) Iron Man


Like most Belfast blokes he likes to have a tinker with all things mechanical and technological. Ask him to set up an iPhone or change a tyre and he’ll do it with his eyes closed, but ask him to iron a pile of clothes and he’ll make such a mess of it that he won’t be asked again.

Vice Captain America


Vice Captain America didn’t really apply himself at school and has spent most of his life playing second fiddle to his big cousin Paul. The decision to go everywhere in a red, white and blue suit doesn’t make him the most popular in the city. He’s always good for a game of frisbee though.


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