by Julianne Larkin – Dietitian & Fitness Consultant

Welcome to my article on my Top 10 Fitness and Nutrition Tips to a healthier you this year!

My name is Julianne Larkin and I’m a Registered Dietitian and Fitness Consultant based in Belfast. I am currently located at ‘I Work Out’ gym, East Belfast, where I work on a one to one basis with clients to improve their health and fitness levels. I am also finishing my Masters degree in Sports and Exercise Nutrition and I work closely with several athletes and top sports people across Northern Ireland.

These are the key pieces of advice that I have to help you to improve your health this year..

Top 10 Fitness and Nutrition Tips to a Healthier You

Julianne's amazing before and after body transformation

Julianne’s amazing before and after body transformation

1. Don’t jump in with two feet! Start slowly and gradually increase how often you exercise, the length of time you exercise for and how hard you work during this time. For a complete beginner, a good starting point is two thirty minute sessions per week.

2. Don’t be afraid to lift weights, provided that you are free from injury. Weights are the key to sculpting your body and giving you shape. Ladies, they will not make you become ‘massive’.

3. Recruit a friend to exercise with you. The thought of letting someone down will motivate you when exercising is the last thing that you feel like doing.

4. Don’t be afraid to try different activities or types of training until you find something that you really enjoy. Enjoyment will be the key to ensuring that you stick with your new fitness regime in the long run.

5. I know you hear it all the time but rest and recovery is very important! You should aim for a minimum of 8 hours of sleep each night. This is vital, especially when you are new to exercise.

Julianne Larkin

6. Breakfast is absolutely vital if you are wanting to improve your health. You cannot expect your body to function effectively without it! Research has shown time and time again that those people who skip breakfast are more overweight than those who eat it.

7. Eat regularly enough to prevent an insatiable hunger. We are all familiar with those times that we have let ourselves get so hungry that we could eat everything in sight. Try not to let your body get to this stage, have a small healthy snack when you feel a deep hunger coming on.

8. Become tuned in to your hunger signals. If your tummy is rumbling then you need to eat something as this is your body telling you it needs food. If, however, your tummy is not rumbling but you just feel like something to eat then this is known as a craving and it should pass. Drink plenty of water and try not to give in to eating junk food.

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9. Do not be tempted to follow ‘fad diets’. These promise the world and more often than not they tend to deliver no long term results. Instead you should take a steadier approach and aim to eat a ‘healthy balanced diet’. Begin to reduce your intake of junk food, decrease portion sizes by a quarter initially and choose healthier snacks.

10. When you are eating out, think carefully about the choices you make. Creamy sauces could be swapped for a tomato based sauce, you could swap a burger for a steak or you could choose boiled or mashed potatoes instead of chips. Small sacrifices can make a big difference in the long run.

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