Jordan Humphries is the internet sensation who sang to us, All I want for Christmas is food… oooooo baaaaaby!

Viewed by over 5 million people, it’s kind of hard to ignore her beautiful face, voice and humour.

Caroline Davis caught up with the local beauty, who also happens to be a successful makeup artist, to find out more….

Who are you and what do you do?

I’m Jordan Humphries, a 24 year old makeup artist from Lisburn. I teach in the Oonagh Boman School of Make Up in Belfast and do freelance work like weddings, special occasions, fashion shows and photo shoots.

Let’s cut to the chase, the online jingle that went viral… how did it happen?

Oh my goodness, that came as such a surprise! I wrote the song as a joke because my boyfriend and I are always laughing at how much I love food. I uploaded it to my Facebook page expecting a few likes from friends and then more and more people liked and shared it and the whole thing kind of spiraled out of control!

How many hits have you had to date?

It is currently at over 5 million views and has had coverage on local radio stations, in newspapers and on popular Facebook pages such as the Lad Bible. It was even shown on Fox News in a few states in America last week!

Do you jingle when you apply makeup? (I think you should 🙂 )

I try not to sing when doing makeup because I’m very up close and personal with people so I don’t want to irritate them… but I struggle not to tap my feet and hum along when a good tune comes on!

What has been the most vulgar/hateful comment on the jingle?

There have been a lot of cheeky comments from boys making innuendos about my ‘Christmas puddings’ which you just have to laugh off but one girl did say I was so irritating she wanted to smash my face in with an iron (with a lot more expletives thrown into her terribly eloquent comment!). The vast majority of comments have been so, so lovely but you’ll always get nasty, pathetic internet trolls no matter what you do.

What has been the loveliest comment?

There have been absolutely thousands of comments which I couldn’t even begin to hope to read- there are just too many! But from what I’ve seen most people are just tagging their friends and saying how funny and relatable they found it, which is lovely. I did like when my boyfriend shared the video simply with the comment “yep, she’s mine”… I like that he was proud of my geekiness!


When it comes to makeup, what are your top 5 must have/can’t live without products?

1. Senna Lasting Illusion Foundation – absolutely flawless coverage and it smells like Vanilla! 2. An amazing highlighter for a healthy glow – I love Senna’s Enlighten and Warm Glow 3. Space Debris glitter – I love adding a bit of sparkle for a night out 4. Mac Black Track gel liner – glides on so easily 5. Senna Maraschino Lip Lacquer – the perfect red. Nothing takes you from looking dull to looking glam quicker than a slick of red gloss. Senna products can be bought at

What is your favourite type of makeup to do for a client?

I love doing high fashion work but my favourite look is natural, beautiful, bridal makeup. Glowing skin, a light contour, beautiful soft smoky eyes, glossy lips and groomed brows. You really can’t beat it, in my opinion.

What are your makeup pet peeves?

I hate to see young girls in their teens doing their makeup so heavily nowadays. It’s full-on foundation, heavy contouring, dreadfully overdrawn lips, smoky eyes, fake lashes and crazy brows from the age of 13 or 14 now and I find it sad to see such pretty, delicate faces absolutely caked. I wish more girls would embrace their natural beauty!

If you could attack anybody’s face for a day, who would it be, why and what would you do?

(And by attack I mean have full makeup artistic reign… not attack as in harm someone). Weirdly I would have to say Britney Spears. I have always thought she is so, so naturally beautiful and I just love her features. Plus I reckon she’d have a few good stories to tell in the chair.

What has been you proudest makeup artist moment to date?

I think it would have to be seeing my makeup on the cover of a magazine for the first time. It was Carolyn Stewart’s cover of IN! Magazine a couple of years ago and I was over the moon seeing a face I had made up on the newsstand in so many shops. How do I book a session with you? My website is currently under construction but I have a Facebook page (Jordan Humphries Make-Up) or can be emailed at


What can we expect from Jordan Humphries in 2016?

I hope to continue working hard and expanding my makeup portfolio and client base. I look forward to more fashion work and have lots of brides booked in already for wedding makeup. Apart from makeup, I am going to continue (and hopefully finish!) a novel I have been writing. So all being well, I will continue making the world laugh and small, hopefully on a much larger scale. Watch this space!

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