The morning cup of coffee, a way to perk ourselves up when we’re losing the will to live at 9am (blearily counting down the hours until we get to mince out of work). Or maybe that’s just us.

That’s not to mention the copious bathroom visits (our phones in hand) as a direct consequence of reaching for the caffeine (a few too many times) throughout the day.

Alternatively, it could also be a way to fix the damage the 12 beers did to you the night before.


Whilst we all know two paracetamol and a strong Flat White can do wonders for our hangovers, (the boss doesn’t even notice we’re at death’s door – sometimes) it seems caffeine might actually be helping the damage done as well.

Dr Alex Hodge, a consultant gastroenterologist and liver disease specialist at Australia’s Monash University, has said drinking three cups of coffee a day can help repair the effects of liver damage.

The Register reported that Hodge studied 1,100 patients with either hepatitis C, hepatitis B or a fatty liver caused by heavy alcohol consumption.

A fatty liver has no symptoms but the liver filters your blood and ideally you want it doing that filtering at optimal capacity.

Elsewhere, everyone who drank coffee in the study, saw a definitive improvement, especially those suffering with Hepatitis C.


As of right now, Hodge has no idea why this is happening, but she is intent on looking further into it.

But hey, we’re willing to leap at the excuse for spending (about half of) our annual salary on over-priced coffee.

But if it feels good, do it – we say. And there’s nothing better than some proven health benefits to justify our Caramel Latte with extra cream and extra shot of espresso…

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