Growing up in Northern Ireland means we cultivate a lasting love affair with certain iconic brands, some of which are now well known further afield.

When you look around our phenomenal landscapes, you’ll not be surprised that we’re bursting at the seams with wonderful local producers. Here’s some of our favourites…

Tayto Crisps

Tayto North

Tayto crisps are well known throughout Ireland, but the jury is out on the ongoing debate on both sides of the border about whose Tayto cheese and onion tastes better. The NI Brand celebrates its 60th birthday this year and thankfully, based on the bag we had just this morning, we can report they’re still ‘in date’.

Comber Spuds

Comber Earlies

On the subject of loving potatoes, Comber in County Down has the perfect climate for growing them. Now famous throughout Europe, the Comber Earlies are delicious with a knob of butter and have recently attained protected EU status.

Baked Goods

Recall the smell of fresh bread, soda farls, muffins and potato bread delivered to your door in bygone days by the Ormo bread man in his wee van. You are spoilt for choice now with so many tasty Northern Ireland’s breads. Another big hitter is Irwin’s thanks to their Veda and Nutty Crust one-two.

Bushmills Whiskey


Relax with the rich warming distinctive taste of award winning Bushmills Whiskey made at the oldest distillery in Ireland. Experience the story of Bushmills and learn about the skill, passion and expertise from ‘grain to glass’ on their 4* distillery tour located on the Causeway Coast.

Cookstown Sausages


Our great brands evoke sweet childhood memories, emotions and associations. Cookstown sausages rose to fame through the late George Best’s TV ads, and they’re still sizzling as a local favourite.

Harp Lager

Harp old

You can say what you like about Harp provided you’re from Northern Ireland, but if some blow-in from over the water slags our Harp they could well get a punch in the bake… depending on how much Harp you’ve had.

Ice Cream


Childhood memories of sunny seaside visits would not be complete without this delicious summer time treat. From Dale Farm with its many varieties of classic ice lollies to the unforgettable taste of Morelli’s in Portrush and the magical Maud’s flavours at various locations in Northern Ireland.

Punjana Tea


The Thompson family have been brewing tea in Northern Ireland for over 100 years and their Punjana Tea is one of the most popular brands in Ireland and Scotland.

Lough Neagh Eels


The Lough Neagh Fisherman Co-operative is the largest producer of wild eels and well known throughout Europe. Lough Neagh eels were given EU protected name status and are a tasty speciality that can be found in many local NI restaurants and eateries.

Fizzy Pop


Before the days when supermarkets had an entire aisle dedicated to fizzy drinks, you used to have to rely on a man delivering them to your door in a flatbed lorry. We used to think there was an intense rivalry between Braid and Maine until we realised that they’re both owned by the same family.

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