For such a small country Northern Ireland definitely makes a big noise.

With Game of Thrones being filmed here as well as prominent actors such as Liam Neeson, Jamie Dornan and James Nesbitt doing their bit in Hollywood, NI is being mentioned in more positive tones around the world.

That’s all the obvious stuff out of the way, so here’s a list of celebrities with lesser known links to our wee country…

shutterstock_1331549391. Declan Donnelly

Declan Donnelly (the one on the right) formerly of the Geordie Pop duo PJ and Duncan has been one half of the UK’s top entertainment duo for over 20 years now.

Even though Ant and Dec’s song ‘We’re On the Ball’ was used for the 2002 England world cup song, Dec actually has strong ties to this part of the world. His parents are both from Desertmartin in Magherafelt and some of his siblings were born here.

shutterstock_899591802. Daniel Radcliffe

Not many people know that the Harry Potter actor has roots in Northern Ireland. The actor’s father, Alan hails from Banbridge, County Down and went to Banbridge Academy.

This came in handy in 2013 while Daniel was perfecting his Irish accent for his role in the ‘Cripple of Inishmaan’ play.

shutterstock_962401103. Angela Lansbury

You may know her as the woman from ‘Murder She Wrote’, that afternoon television classic with catchy theme tune and painfully contrived scenarios where people just seem to die all around her wherever she goes.

But next time you are stuck in the house on a Tuesday afternoon and can’t understand why you feel such a strong connection to super sleuth Jessica Fletcher on the television perhaps it is because her mother was Belfast born actress Moyna MacGill.

shutterstock_1035843444. Lambert Wilson

This name may not mean much to you until you watch the poor follow up to 1999’s The Matrix. The best scene in the otherwise dire Matrix Reloaded belongs to the Merovingian character portrayed by Lambert Wilson.

More famous in French cinema, this actor’s brief dialogue in the sequel will make you want to learn French just so you can swear in it.

Another little known fact about this actor is that his mum was a model from Omagh and he often spent summers there as a child. Feel free to mention this to your friends the next time you come across this masterpiece on ITV2 on a Thursday night. Bringing up topics like this is a good way to lose friends quickly.

shutterstock_1204743495. Darius Danesh

Sadly it’s true. The man who gave the unforgettable (even though we’ve tried to) performance of ‘Hit me Baby One More Time’ on PopStars back in 2001 has links to County Antrim.

Even though we can deny it and pretend he is Scottish, Darius wrote in a 2005 article about how his relatives from Ballymena have given him a love of Guinness and the Corrs. You’re Welcome Scotland. We can keep this one quiet.

shutterstock_1194753346. David Tennant

5 years ago the Tardis was in the capable hands of Shakespearean actor David Tennant. Like Darius this guy is most definitely Scottish. But when taking a closer look at his family tree for the BBC show ‘Who Do you Think You Are?’ in 2009 revealed his great-grandparents played a key role in big historical moments here. William Blair played for Derry City and also signed the Ulster Covenant. Sounds like quite a confused chap. If only there was a way David Tennant could time travel and find out what he was thinking…

shutterstock_613977077. Sam Neill

One of my earliest memories is that of being a dinosaur crazy 7 year old and being taken to Glengormley for a family meal at the now defunct Huckleberry’s restaurant followed by a trip to the cinema to witness the movie which will forever be etched in my memory, Jurassic Park.

Who knew that ripples going through a glass of water could cause such terror in an audience? Headlining the cast of this masterpiece was Sam Neill. It was only after several years I discovered that Sam was actually born in Omagh and lived there for the early years of his life before moving to New Zealand in 1954.

shutterstock_953264028. Michael Fassbender

Traditionally Larne is the place in Northern Ireland that gets the most slagging. Personally I think Larne has a lot of potential as a town and could one day be a great place to visit and that’s in spite of failing my driving test there 4 times!

Another good thing about Larne is that Michael Fassbender’s mum hails from there. Though the Fassbender family spent most of their time between the Republic of Ireland and Germany every time you watch ‘X-men:First Class’ or ‘12 Years a Slave’ you can now admire what has to be the finest genetic information to come out of Larne in years.

Susan9. Jackie Woodburne

Just in case you didn’t know I couldn’t write an article about famous people with Northern Irish connections without mentioning Jackie Woodburne.

For decades now Susan Kennedy has been involved in some of the most gripping storylines with her on screen husband Karl on the hit Australian TV show ‘Neighbours’. No one who watched the moment Susan slapped Karl back in 1998 after discovering that Karl had cheated on her with Sarah will ever forget it. Nor will they forget how she had amnesia, has been married to Karl twice and Rachel Kinski’s dad once, has survived a plane crash and been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis among other key storylines.

Originally Jackie was born in Carrickfergus and grew up in Whitehead, County Antrim. Jackie reports that she had to hide her Northern Irish accent early on in her acting career. All I can say is that if Susan threatened Karl in her native accent he would definitely never cheat on her again and he would make her breakfast every morning.

Hewitt10. James Hewitt

Lieutenant James has made his name on the back of an affair he had with Lady Diana back in the 80s.  Who knows if this is true but I would love it if the DNA test was revealed live on the ‘Jeremy Kyle Show’… surely that would be a ratings winner!

James Hewitt makes this list because he was born in Derry/Londonderry before moving to Kent in England.

shutterstock_11208611611. Eddie Izzard

Cross Dressing, Cross Countries Marathon runner Eddie Izzard is one of the UK’s top stand-up comedians. While running 43 marathons in 51 days across the UK in 2009 he took time during his trip to visit Bangor, County Down.

Eddie has a fascinating background, being born in Aden (now Yemen) and living in various parts of the UK. But Eddie spent his early childhood in Bangor and, as mentioned in the BBC documentary charting his marathon runs, he has fond memories of the place.

Peter-Kay12. Peter Kay

Ask people across Britain who their favourite comedian was 10 years ago and they will probably mention this guy. During his classic jokes about garlic bread and dipping biscuits in his tea he often impersonated his mother.

Peter’s near perfect of the Northern Irish accent is because his mother and father are both from Coalisland, County Tyrone. He used this as the basis for his character Geraldine in Channel 4’s ‘Britian’s got the Pop Factor’

shutterstock_9026122613. Bear Grylls

Survival expert and Chief Scout master, Edward Michael ‘Bear’ Grylls spent his early childhood in Donaghadee, County Down.

After leaving these shores at the age of 4 he went on to be educated at Eton, climb Everest at 23 and help Will Ferrell survive in the wilderness.

shutterstock_129683492And the one that got away…

Back in the 80s Dave Grohl’s mother, Virginia was a high school English teacher and was set to do a ‘Work Exchange’ programme with a woman from Downpatrick.

The Grohl family was all set to move to the province when a family emergency happened to the exchange family moving in the other direction. Dave Grohl and his family never set foot in Downpatrick but think of how different the musical landscape would be had this have happened.

With Dave Grohl as the drummer, Ash could have become one of the biggest bands in the world and Nirvana… well I’m sure they would have got another drummer and done alright too!


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