The average woman uses her smart phone up to 100 times a day.

A new study shows millions of ladies are now so addicted to technology they will tweet, text or email friends, colleagues and family from the second they wake in a morning to the second they hit the sheets at night.

Some of us are so obsessed with dipping in and out of social media they check Twitter, Facebook, Skype and WhatsApp up to 34 times a day.


While the average female has to check a text message within three minutes of hearing the phone beep – even if this means stopping a conversation halfway through or running from another room.

The study shows the average female will send out nine text messages, eight emails and three tweets every day. Yep, sounds about right to be honest.

In addition she will visit Facebook on 13 occasions, either to post a status update or like and comment on someone else’s news feed. Timehop will be used twice as girls take a nostalgic look back at historical events.

Researchers found 65 per cent of women will literally roll over in bed and check the phone as soon as they open their eyes, while three quarters will do one final check before turning the light out to go to sleep.


When asked how important it is to check the phone as soon as it beeps or rings, four in 10 women admit they would think nothing of using the phone when someone is talking to them while a third have been known to take the handset to the toilet so they can reply quickly.

Check out the complete breakdown of results below – how do you measure up? Whilst the survey was only conducted on women, we reckon men are just as bad, don’t you?

Breakdown Of Results


Send a text message – 9
Send a personal emails – 5
Post a Facebook status – 3
Like something on Facebook – 6
Make a Facebook comment – 4
Send a work email – 3
Tweet – 3
Talk on messenger – 5
Talk on Skype – 2
Check for a text message – 8
Check for a phone call – 7
Use WhatsApp – 7
Use Timehop – 2
Check news sites – 4
Take a photo – 6
Use Instagram – 4
Randomly check phone – 22

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