When we were growing up, Gin was never a drink that sprung to mind.

But now it’s all we think about (I mean, when we’re at bar obviously, not all day…)

Whilst in years gone past, we may have associated Gin to the creepy auntie that lived with all the cats in an ancient, doily-bedecked bungalow, it seems we are not alone in our Gin awakening.

Well, those Gin-drinker stereotypes may be as outdated as Auntie Agatha’s black box TV. According to a new report from market research agency Mintel, UK sales of the spirit are expected to surpass £1 billion for the first time this year—and it’s all down to new Millennial interest.

Gin and Tonic

That’s right, it seems we’re not the only ones discovering somewhat of a “ginnaissance.”

Mintel’s report shows that gin sales have grown by 40% since 2010 and are expected to hit £1.3 billion by 2020. This year, the UK will consume 29 million litres of the spirit.

Plymouth Gin at Cutters Wharf

While the rise in speciality cocktail bars and Heston-inspired interest in mixology may have contributed to this, Mintel claims that the popularity of gin among younger drinkers is what’s really driving sales. Their research found that 42% of us in the UK aged 18 to 34 had drunk gin in the past 12 months, compared to just 27% of over-45s.

Indeed, with independent distilleries popping up in “trendy” areas of Brighton, Liverpool, and London and an infinite number of carefully cynical tweets posted by users with “gin aficionado,” in their bio, gin has well shirked its dowdy image.

Gin menu

It seems Belfast has also been quick to identify the trend, with many of our city’s pubs boasting some specially catered menus.

One of which we have found to have a particularly extensive Gin menu on offer, is Cutter’s Wharf. As well as Ox, whose offerings include our favourite Shortcross, 46% Rademon Estate, Northern Ireland, for £ 6.50.

The Belfast bar scene have also recently been going all out with Christmas Cocktails menus, with Sloe Gin featuring heavily in the festive drinks, with its sweetly rich taste.

Muriel's - featuring Sloe Gin

Indeed, Muriel’s Sloe Velvet cocktail (featuring Plymouth Sloe Gin topped with Guinness) was recently featured as one of our favourite Christmas Cocktails in Belfast.

The fact that we rarely experience a hangover after indulging in a night of Gin drinking, doesn’t hurt either.

And the fact that you can add almost anything to it. In theory.

Gin meme

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