Comedian Ruairí McSorley, whose interview with UTV during January’s cold spell earned him the nickname Frostbit Boy, has ended up with a job.

He’s been unveiled as the new face of Superfast NI in Northern Ireland.

The gimmick is that he talks superfast and was therefore the most logical choice of local celebrity to front the promotion. Call me a sceptic, but I’m guessing budget was the deciding factor.

Like many others I shared the Facebook clip of him delivering the line “You wouldn’t be long getting frostbit” during an interview on UTV with Gareth Wilkinson.

Then like many others I felt a bit cheated when I found out he was a comedian and not a regular nutjob.

Now that I’ve learned he’s being paid to say nice things about Superfast NI my opinion has changed again.

I’m thinking fair play to him. He hijacked a news story, gained national recognition, got watched by nearly 3 million people online and now he’s getting money thrown at him to do very, very little.

Far from being a sell out, the lad is an entrepreneur and an example of what can be achieved when you believe in yourself. Prior to his big break on UTV he’d been posting videos of himself doing impressions online pretty much for his own amusement.

He saw a chance, he took it and it’s paying dividends.

Best of all, he’s taken one for the team, because if Ruairí wasn’t fronting this advertising campaign we’d probably be looking at Adrian Logan, Hugo Duncan or the farmer who chased Rihanna out of his field.




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