Forget Winter, Summer is coming…

The Harp Angel was joined by Belfast actor Ian Beattie as they celebrated the local talent and spectacular locations that have made Northern Ireland the must-visit destination for Hollywood directors and casting agents.

Northern Ireland has become something of a gold mine for film recently with its unrivalled variety of landscape and stunning surroundings as evidenced in our recent 7 Shows & Movies Filmed In Northern Ireland You Need To Watch.

Star of Game of Thrones; Line of Duty; and Vikings, Ian helped the Harp Angel party as the world gears up for the premiere of the sixth season of HBO’s incredibly popular TV fantasy drama, which will be broadcast on Sky Atlantic on Monday night.

As head of the newly-formed House Harp, the Harp Angel invited Ian to be his right hand man at The Blue Throne, which was created by local set-designers who have worked on the show, using more than 600 Harp bottles.

The pair paid tribute to a host of local ‘Extras’: men and women who have added much to the cultural output of Northern Ireland in recent years and, as a reward, have now been made honorary members of House Harp. Since Game of Thrones began filming in Northern Ireland back in 2010, hundreds of local extras have played their part in its success, which has apparently contributed £110million to the local economy.

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House Harp is an optimistic community – opposed to the grim outlook of similarly named clans in Game of Thrones- which promises to ‘Look on the Harp Side’ with its uplifting maxim: ‘Summer is coming’.

Ian Beattie said: “My character Ser Meryn Trant was a horrible villain who did a lot of terrible things, so it’s wonderful to be able to join House Harp, a House that celebrates all that is great and good about Northern Ireland. It’s been a refreshing experience.”

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Lisa Ronayne, Senior Brand Manager for Harp, said: “House Harp champions the people and locations of the North. People who watch shows like Game of Thrones often think ‘the North’ is a cold, dark and repressive place, but we’re showing its sunnier side.

“House Harp is a positive and optimistic movement. House Harp encourages everybody to Look on the Harp Side and bask in the warm glow provided by our rich history of providing fabulous extras (and stunning backdrops) for major film and television productions.”

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