Brooding Game Of Throne’s star Kit Harington has reopened the fate of Jon Snow debate once more ahead of the season six premiere.

The seeming death of one of the show’s beloved central characters has left fans distraught after he was betrayed and stabbed by members of his own Night’s Watch in the epic final moments of the Season Five finale.

Kit Harington - is he dead

But resurrection theories certainly appeared to be supported when the actor was spotted multiple times in Northern Ireland. Particularly when he was spotted arriving at our local airport around the time of several fan sightings of his fellow famous cast members.

Indeed, he was often spotted frequenting popular cafe and one of our Break The Chains: Best 11 Independent Coffee Shops in Belfast, 5A in Stranmillis.

Kit Harington hints

However, Harington has appeared to pour cold water over the theories, revealing in a recent interview with the Sunday Times Culture Magazine that he has “finished” Game of Thrones.

He said: “I’ve finished Thrones. I have, I’ve died.”

And in response to the sightings of him, Harington said he was in Northern Ireland producing some of his best work playing a dead body.

He said: “I had to be a dead body in Northern Ireland.

“You can’t just forget that he’s actually dead. I had to be a dead body. So there was a certain amount of filming that had to be done. I just hope everyone keeps watching the show. Which they will.”

“God now I’m gone, nobody’s gonna watch it”, he joked.

He added: “I’m bloody good at playing a dead body. I’ve actually found I’m good at it. It was some of my best work.”

Game of Throne's White Walkers

The living dead – White Walkers

So whilst maybe he isn’t resurrected from the dead – could this mean Jon Snow’s return could be as a White Walker?

Only time will tell, as the anxious wait continues until April 24.

Series Six returns on April 24 on HBO in the US and will be simulcast on Sky Atlantic at 2am UK time. It will also air on April 25 on Sky Atlantic.

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