The show that always manages to surprise everybody has managed to shock nobody…

HBO’s new season teaser poster for season six ‘reveals’ what we all kind of suspected all along – that Jon Snow is alive.

Rumours that Jon’s death was not to be believed have been rife since eagle eyed Game of Thrones fans spotted Kit Harington jetting into Belfast this summer, around the same time as his fellow cast members were seen in various hotspots across Belfast. (Most notably Lavery’s…)


Jon, it appears, is a hard man to kill.

This confirms that next year will be something of a wild ride for both book and TV fans as we head into the unknown.


Indeed The Guardian has gone so far as to claim that this is the: ‘First time ever a TV series will potentially be spoiling the books on which it is based.”

But personally, we’re just looking forward to seeing our real life idol (Tyrion Lannister), back in action.

Tyrion Lannister

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