Parents to be have been turning to hit HBO show Game of Thrones for baby name inspiration.

And with the show currently airing its sixth season, this year is sure to be no different…

It comes as some 244 Aryas, 53, Khaleesis and handfuls of baby Daenerys, Sansas, Theons and even a few Tyrions have been welcomed into the world over the last year.

Game of Thrones baby names

Whilst he’s every sane person’s favourite character (he’s known as wise-cracking ‘Imp’ – a a dwarf famed for his love of heavy drinking and using prostitutes), Tyrion is a particularly bold choice for a newborn baby!


Meanwhile, 18 parents have named their offspring after Theon Greyjoy. The character has had a hard time of it in recent series, after he was captured and tortured by the maniac Ramsay Bolton.

Theon was castrated and enslaved and is now known as Reek – but escaped at the end of Series Five.

Brienne of Tarth will be pleased...

Brienne also joined the list with four girls being named after the character.

It comes as the (rather more traditional) list of Northern Ireland’s most popular baby names were announced…


For the first time since the Baby Names publication began  in 1997, James is the number one boy’s name in Northern  Ireland.

Emily continues to hold the top spot for girls, while Jake,  Matthew, Aoife and Ava are new to the top 10 in 2015.

Top 10 Names for Boys in Northern Ireland


1. James

2. Jack

3. Noah

4. Charlie

5. Daniel

6. Oliver

7. Matthew

8. Harry

9. Thomas

10. Jake

Top 10 Names for Girls in Northern Ireland


1. Emily

2. Ella

3. Grace

4. Sophie

5. Olivia

6. Anna

7. Amelia

8. Aoife

9. Lucy

10. Ava

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