Belfast’s leading fashionista, Belfast Fashion Week director and PR guru Cathy Martin took to the stage this week to introduce a fantastic array of fashion, glitz and high voltage glamour.

And she looked pretty damn good doing it. Showcasing a fabulous fashion forward skirt for the Designer Show on Thursday night.

Amidst the madness of Fashion Week, Belfast’s very own superwoman Cathy Martin (somehow) found the time to sit down to our My Belfast challenge…

cathy martin1

Tell us something your mum doesn’t know about you?

That I am learning to dance!

What would you do if you had the keys to the city for the day?

I would get someone amazingly green fingered and plant beautiful flowers and trees everywhere, like those fab people did out the back of the streets in the university area.

I would find experts to revamp the old TGWU building and the old Fire Station in Donegall Street (at least I think it was a fire station, it has fire-like doors and a bell above them) among other buildings I love. And I would encourage citizens to join in the fun of all this revamping and planting to give us all a sense of purpose and pride in restoring little parts of the city.

What’s the most interesting discovery you’ve made in Belfast?

There are so many and I’m afraid what I discover today might not be new.

I suppose, because it’s FASHIONWEEK, I should celebrate all things fashion-y, so I will say that I LOVE all our local designers and I think the guys at Deux Cara are among my favourite discoveries in the fashion world.

Which building would you most like to be locked in overnight?

The City Hall or maybe the old First Trust building beside the Albert Clock. I would have a dinner party in the atrium or the entrance hall at City Hall and I would do the same in the old bank after ripping out all the old office partitions.

Actually, I would love to have been able to afford to buy that building and turn it into a fantastic events and arts space. Alas, some Frenchies bought it and it will be office space.

Celebrity crush?

Not sure, never really been one for celebrity crushes. I’m kinda only crushing on my other half at the moment. And that’s the way it should be I suppose!


Describe your perfect day in the city?

Breakfast out – some good eggs and then a walk on the beach towards my home in Holywood, maybe a bit of a cycle along the tow path and an afternoon’s browsing at an exhibition followed by a visit to a show at the Lyric or the MAC, then finished off with a cracking meal among friends at one of the city’s top eateries, I have quite a few favourites.

Earliest Belfast memory?

Going to see Santa in the old Co-Op, now the UU. His grotto was in space and we travelled in a ‘space ship’. The music playing as we flew to Santa’s (space) grotto was ABBA Money, Money, Money. I think I was 3 years old. Not sure why that sticks, but hey!

What movie most closely resembles your life story and why?

Gosh I have no idea. I love the romance and chaos of Love Actually mixed with the fact that love and family conquer all. Does that count?

Sum up Belfast in three words?

Craic, Cool, People!

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