It’s happened, just probably not how most people would have wanted…

Social media went into meltdown with the announcement that there would be a ‘dislike’ button added to Facebook in the near future.

Whilst most of us were rubbing our hands in glee (it was announced conveniently around the time proud parents were inundating our newsfeeds with ‘back to school’ uniform pics of their beloved children), others were crippled with fear. It seemed like Facebook was just about to become even more harsh.

But alas.

Whilst the Facebook ‘Dislike’ button is sort of here (people here are rumoured to see soon), it’s simply not as you would imagine, or want…

Instead of an actual button to express dislike the social media giant has decided to introduce six new emoji, each representing their own feeling, The Independent reports.

Mark Zuckerberg hinted last month he wanted to expand on the Like button, with a lot of people saying they wanted a ‘Dislike’ button to express their hatred of the constant selfies and attention seeking statuses. (You know who you are…)

However, Zuckerberg has said he wouldn’t introduce an actual ‘Dislike’ button as it might promote bullying and make people feel bad.

Well obviously, we think that was surely the point Mark.

The new ‘Reactions’ on offer instead are: ‘Love’, ‘Haha’, ‘Yay’, ‘Wow’, ‘Sad’ and ‘Angry’.

Those who correctly identify that these ‘Reactions’ are already readily available as emoji, are supposed to be pacified by the fact that unlike the traditional emoji, they will be added next to the current Like button. So we guess it’s very slightly more accessible then. Which might save us, like, a second per day?

How useful. Not.

So Facebook users can add their ‘Reaction’ to a post, the same you do with a Like, allowing you to get a more detailed picture of what people think of your holiday snaps.

The site is going to start rolling out the new buttons in Spain and Ireland first, to test them.

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