Paloma Faith is like Amy Winehouse painted by Picasso, trained by Lord Sugar and marketed by Marvel comics.

A more simple introduction would have been to say, if you’re curious as to why Paloma Faith is pop’s hottest property right now get yourself along to Belsonic on August 20.

However, if you can’t rattle out a few abstract comparisons in an article about Paloma Faith, which Brit Award-winning artist can you crack open the simile capsule for?

For me, Faith is by far the most interesting inclusion in the eclectic line-up for Belsonic 2015. At face value, she is what I want my pop stars to be. She stands out in a crowd with a fashion sense bordering on the ridiculous, like a rose among thorns, a peacock among ugly ducklings, like a like a female Noel Fielding in a room full of Playboy bunnies. Oops, there I go with the similes again!

In actual real life Faith and Fielding are on the same team, well at least they were on season 26 episode 9 of Nevermind The Buzzcocks.

Whether they share the same political views isn’t clear. Along with celebrity lefties like Russell Brand and Caitlin Moran, Faith brings a politic awareness to her role as showbiz role model.

Growing up in Hackney, she attended anti-Thatcher rallies while still in a pushchair. Like Marvin Gaye, Bob Dylan and Billy Bragg she’s not afraid to mix pop and politics. Earlier this year she took left-wing activist Owen James on tour with her as a support act.

In terms of her music, as a mezzo-soprano, she’s been compared to Amy Winehouse, Adele and Madonna but without the crack, cakes and wrinkles, respectfully and respectively.

Faith picked up her first Brit Award this year for Best Female Solo Artist. Her third album, A Perfect Contradiction, is universally regarded as her best work to date, though you’d be mad as a paper anorak not to check out her first two long players as well.

Faith was married, briefly, to a New Zealand chef, and was caught out for undercooking her date of birth. At the age of 27 she told a record label she was four years younger than what she really was so they wouldn’t be put off signing her. In context, it maybe says more about the music industry than it does about now 33-year-old Faith.

She has also made film appearances in the St Trinian’s remake, The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus and Dread. Not exactly a stellar filmography, but enough to merit an entry on IMDB.

It’s difficult to do Faith justice in 500 or so words, in fact raising or lowering the word limit makes little difference to the task of celebrating Faith.

The proof is in the pudding, which will be served to around those in attendance at Custom House Square on Thursday, August 20.

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