One of our favourite coffee shops in Belfast, Established Coffee, took to social media at the weekend in a touching tribute in order to credit both Mark & Bridgeen – the faces responsible for the highly thought of coffee shop.

Established grew quickly to prominence since opening just a couple of years ago to become one of Belfast’s most established (mind the pun) coffee shops, and was one of the top spots on our popular Break The Chains: Belfast’s Best Independent Coffee Shops.

Journalists, bloggers and all the various media types you can think of have been clamouring all over them ever since (and we can’t blame them). Their coffee is simply superb and each barista’s knowledge and enthusiasm infectious. Combine this with the superbly eclectic atmosphere, ever-changing coffee menu, and quirky décor and it’s truly no wonder why this is one Belfast businesses exceeding all expectations.

But Established took to their social media at the weekend to spread an important message after several reviews failed to credit Bridgeen Barbour – who together with Mark Ashbridge – own and run Established Coffee. Read the touching message below, which adds that it is indeed every single person who works there that makes Established such a success. This is an example of how to lead a credible, caring, successful business in Belfast:

“If you have a minute to spare, please read. We don’t normally put up many personal pictures, it’s not because we don’t want a personal feel to what we do…Its just that our business is full of amazing people and its about the collective, not any particular individual. Call it a social media strategy, a brand choice, whatever you want, it’s not that deliberate but we’ve carved our own stamp on this little corner of the internet and we’re proud of what we do.

“We’ve worked tirelessly in the last two and a bit years to build and deliver on what Established is. We’ve built a successful business, made friendships with hundreds of customers and luckily received some great reviews along the way. It’s not been easy, we’ve rolled with the punches, made mistakes, dropped the ball at times but always put in the work to keep going and striving to be excellent in the service we provide, and product we deliver. The personal sacrifice in this is something you can’t put into words, small business owners are heroes and deserve every bit of credit that goes their way.”

“We’ve had 3 reviews in as many weeks and each one has stated that Established Coffee is Mark Ashbridge’s business. They have all failed to mention Bridgeen Barbour – it’s a recurring problem. We both risked everything to enter this business and both equally put the hard work in. To have this hard work recognised in a positive review for the cafe is great, but for one person to be credited with the work is in many ways a discredit to the other person who is not mentioned.

“Hopefully one day soon we’ll have the time to make a website with some of this information on it. Until then, hopefully this helps and goes someway to clarifying. Established Coffee is owned by Bridgeen Barbour and Mark Ashbridge, but it is defined by what we do day-in-day-out and each and every person who works there.

“And after all, it is Valentine’s Day and we not only love each other, we love what we do.”

Mark & Bridgeen Established Coffee

Mark & Bridgeen
Established Coffee

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