If you’ve long-dreamed of having your eccentric hubby-to-be plan your big day (while seeming to relentlessly choose literally EXACTLY your WORST nightmare), then you might want to apply here now.

The popular television show Don’t Tell the Bride has just announced that it is appealing for Belfast couples planning on tying the knot to apply to be part of its new series.

The show hands thousands of pounds to a groom to plan a wedding without the bride having any knowledge of what has been arranged until the big day itself.

Well, that’s the premise of the show of course. But incase you’re worried, it seems that if you kick up enough of a tantrum when you see the dismal dress he has chosen (which can occasionally -surprisingly- be much nicer than the one bridezilla has in mind), you can just pretty much get what you want anyway. (We’ve studied the show at length for investigative purposes.)

For the past nine years the show has been on BBC 3 and has helped over 100 couples mark their big day – with plenty of tears and tantrums along the way.

However, following BBC 3’s move online the BAFTA-nominated programme has jumped to Sky One.

For the new series, grooms will be given a slightly larger budget of £14,000 – compared to the previous £12,000 – and the freedom to organise whatever day they like.

Standout episodes include an ill-fated trip to Las Vegas which was, arguably, the biggest car crash of a wedding we’ve ever seen.

Party-loving groom Simon decided to plan his and Kayleigh’s big day in Las Vegas – despite the fact that she wanted her whole family to be there for the big ‘I do’.

Even worse? He only had enough money to fly out SOME of her family – meaning her sister was invited, but her brother (gulp) wasn’t.

Unsurprisingly, it didn’t go down too well…

Meanwhile, a wedding in Thorpe Park with a disgruntled bride and a broken shoe comes in at a close second place.

Whilst the famous (for all the wrong reasons) episode in which the groom’s head was in the right place – but his brain, clearly, was not – which saw him allow his bride to spend literally HOURS getting ready to walk down the aisle – before virtually chucking a wetsuit at her and expecting her to exchange her vows. Under water. Angry (and body conscious) bridesmaids in tow and everything. In front of hundreds of people.

But of course, the groom is always forgiven in the end…

A spokeswoman for production company Renegade Pictures said: “At a time when saving for a wedding is a distant dream for many, Don’t Tell The Bride offers couples the chance to have their wedding this year without the stress of saving for it!

“It’s a unique and memorable way for couples to tie the knot in 2016. And with it’s exciting new move to Sky One comes a brand new wedding budget, with grooms having £14,000 to plan their dream wedding.”

All couples will be wed in 2016.

To request an application form, email: dttb@applyfortheshow.com, or go to the show’s Facebook, Twitter or instagram pages.

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