It’s been a busy week at Belfast Zoo after the arrival of the super cute as yet un-named Rothschild Giraffe calf at the weekend.

The calf was born in the early hours of Sunday morning to mum, Sandsteen (aka Sandy) and father Finn.

Sandy had been pregnant for approximately 15 months. But the little one is yet to be named.

Zoo curator, Alyn Cairns, said: “We are delighted with the latest arrival and mum, Sandy and the newborn calf are doing well.

“Since the birth, keepers have given the pair time to bond.

“For that reason, keepers have not had the opportunity to find out what sex the latest arrival is. However, we hope to announce the gender and name within the next week.”

Other new-born arrivals in the last few months include a little crowned sifaka, Phoenix the red panda and a beautiful Goodfellow’s tree kangaroo.

This week the Zoo also announced the arrival of Kara the giant anteater and two capybara babies.

Zoo manager, Mark Challis said: “There is plenty happening in our mixed South American enclosure. The capybara babies are settling in well and are now beginning to explore their outdoor enclosure. Kara, the giant anteater is also getting to know her new home and her new mate, Pancho.

“Already keepers have noticed that Kara is quite the diva and will definitely ‘wear the trousers’ in this relationship, as Pancho is much more laidback. However, we have high hopes that Kara and Pancho will be a match made in heaven and we hope to hear the pitter patter of little anteater feet in the near future.”

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